3 Winning Improvements for your Facebook Business Page

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What an amazing asset your Facebook Business Page is for your small business!  Consider it a ‘mini website’ if you like; indeed there are businesses who do not have a website and therefore it is, in that case, your sole or major online presence. Forget for a moment that we now see fewer of our posts appearing in the newsfeed and that we must pay for Facebook Ads to gain visibility. At its very basic, Facebook is a presence online for your business, which is editable without any coding skills, frequently updatable, which carries all your important business information that your customer may need: phone number, opening hours, location. And yes, it’s entirely free! Your business on Facebook can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world. It’s pretty cool when you think about it.

But are you making the most of this free platform? In this article I’m going to show you three easy ways to improve your Facebook Page, so read on to discover how to improve your effectiveness on your Facebook Business Page.

#1 Optimise your Cover Image for the Mobile Environment

Irish examiner facebook page on a mobile deviceWhen I recently attended a Facebook event in Dublin I learned that one of the major shifts Facebook is seeing is the shift from desktop to mobile. This coupled with the fact that mobile phone usage in Ireland is the highest in the Western World and that Facebook estimates that upwards of 80% of people now use Facebook on mobile, means that you must be designing for mobile now. In short, mobile is now more important than desktop.

Luckily, your Facebook Business Page is already mobile friendly. But is your cover image optimised for mobile? This really matters because your Facebook cover image is one of the largest pieces of ‘screen space’ you have above the fold anywhere on the internet. So read on to make sure you know how to optimise it for mobile.

guinness world records page on FacebookWith the new pages layout the cover image is not interfered with by Facebook in populating buttons or text over it. Therefore you have the ideal opportunity to send a strong message to your audience.

It’s such a pity in this example from the Irish Examiner, of an otherwise very pleasing image, that we’ve lost some of the essential text they want us to read. Notice that some of the text here is too small to be effective on mobile.

The Guinness World Records Facebook page got it just right. The old adage ‘Less is More’ was never truer than it is in respect of Facebook cover images. As you can see large text with few words will be far more effective. I like to recommend a size of 828 x 475 pixels for the Facebook cover. This will look well on both mobile and desktop.

So take a look at your Facebook Page on mobile and see if it measures up.

Optimise your cover image on Facebook for the mobile environment. Mobile is now more important on social.CLICK TO TWEET

#2 Turn on (and use) Audience Optimisation

Imagine if you could get to serve posts to the precise fans on your page that are interested in the particular product or service you’re offering (and not show it to those who are not interested). Well, in fact, you can! Take the example of a Pharmacy Page and a new nail varnish that the manufacturer is aiming at females under 25. It’s all the rage. The new brand has already done much of the legwork in advertising to their target audience across multiple platforms. All this Pharmacy needs to do is to let their fans know that they carry the brand in order to raise awareness and increase sales. A post like this will be of no interest to the 52 year old diabetic male who liked the page because the Pharmacy also posts health care tips weekly. What this functionality on Facebook will do is allow you to show this post to females under 25 only, thereby increasing engagement among this audience and eliminating friction among the rest.

Turn on audience optimisation for your posts on Facebook to reach the right people on your page.CLICK TO TWEET

“Sounds great”, I hear you say. “But how?”

Pages with 5000 fans or more have this feature enabled by default. In my experience however, many small businesses do not have sizable pages like this and therefore they need to go to the settings to turn it on. You will know at a glance if you have it available to you by looking at the icons on the window where you start a new update.

no audience optioisation

The example above does not have the feature enabled and the one below does. You’ll know by the extra ‘target’ icon.

audience optimisation enabled

If you have not enabled it before now, here’s how you do it. On desktop or laptop navigate to your ‘Settings’ on the top right of your Business Page. Ensure you are on the ‘General’ tab and look for ‘Audience Optimization for Posts’ or ‘News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts’. That’s right; Facebook has titled it 2 different things in the Pages that I manage.

how to enable audience optimisation


Click edit, put a check in the checkbox and save.


enable audience optimisation

Use this tactic on larger pages as it won’t work well on a Page with a small following because there won’t be enough fans to segment. You’d want at least a few hundred fans on the page for this tool to work well.

#3 Invite people who have Liked A Post to Like Your Page

This is a great growth hack for your page which is often overlooked by small business owners. Not using is it such a lost opportunity. If someone has seen your post in the Newsfeed and reacted favourably to it, then it’s reasonable to assume that they have liked the piece of content you shared and are probably therefore interested in your business. However, some of these people have not liked your Page and will not see your future content. You’ll wonder how did someone see my post if they haven’t liked my page. Well, firstly, this may have been a Facebook Ad that you ran or a boosted post. It may also have been a great piece of content you posted that was liked and shared multiple times and therefore friends of your fans got to see it. They liked what they saw and therefore liked the post. These are the people that I am talking about. You will ideally want to get them on to your page.

Give people the opportunity to like your Facebook page if they have liked one of your posts.CLICK TO TWEETTo do this after you’ve had a successful post, hover over the reactions to the post and click. It will bring up this window. Click ‘invite’ on those profiles who have not already liked your page.

invite people who have liked your post

They will then get a notification on Facebook to like your page. Of course they can still choose to accept the invitation or not. The ones who will accept your invitation at this stage are those who will be valuable additions to your community.


So what to do next? Firstly, take action on these three tips, if not today, make some time in your diary to do so. Secondly, consider downloading the Checklist mentioned on this page that will give you these three tips plus ten more absolutely free. And finally, do like my Facebook Page to get more tips and updates about online marketing.


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