4 key tips on modern customer service

It is very true that with regards to customer service, less really is less.

Your company may have a service email address and toll free phone number, but with the rise of social media, customers can now be heard beyond traditional outlets. Meeting your customers where they are is part of a proactive social customer service approach. Customers no longer have to wait on hold to share their thoughts — they can express their satisfaction (or lack thereof) however they want.

Here are four reasons to make your case for a move towards a more social customer service strategy

1. SpeedSpending time waiting in a contact centre queue is no longer a viable option for some of today’s customers. The speed of our communications has continued to increase and today’s customers expect increasingly quick response times. Social media offers efficient ways to resolve customer issues, if you’re prepared to effectively handle them.

2. Hyper-personalization
If a customer calls your contact centre, they provide your agents with their basic account information. When a customer tweets you a question or posts it to your Facebook page, their name and basic information is already available. Today’s social customer expects you to utilize the wealth of information their social accounts to personalize your customer service process. Understand who they are so they don’t have to tell you every time.

3. Cost-to-value opportunity
Customers have become more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out solutions to their support issues. Online forums and message boards make it possible for groups to aggregate their experiences with a brand in one place, and rely on those arenas for information. If your brand enables customers to self-serve via an easily-accessible knowledge base such as a forum, you’ll keep contact centre costs down. Just be sure to keep an ear on the conversations and jump in with supplemental information whenever necessary.

4. The candid web
Customers’ online behaviour patterns are now a key piece of your customer service picture. Unlike the often anonymous opinions that come out of market research or focus groups, online commentary is ongoing and largely unprompted, offering a rich picture of who your customers are, what they’re interested in outside your specific services, and how they wish to communicate. These channels simply cannot be ignored if your brand is collecting the most complete profile of your customers and prospects.

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