9 ways small Irish businesses can effectively use Facebook and Twitter.

The 21st century phenomenon of advertising through social media outlets is fast becoming both the most popular and cost effective means of advertising one’s business regardless of it’s size. The following are ten ways with which a small business can use Facebook and twitter for the promotion of their business:

1. Facebook Page post Ads: A great way to promote your best content or an event. Page Post Ads begin as posts on a fan page, but get additional paid distribution among fans, and subscribers.

2. “Set your advertising goals first. Before you even get started, think about the reasons you want to advertise on Facebook, and what you want to get out of it.”

3. Be aware of the people you follow on Twitter. Although it is always useful to follow as many people as possible and have many following you on Twitter, it is vital to ensure that as a small business, your Tweets are professional and most importantly, revolve around the needs and wants of your target customers.

4. “Choosing your social media profile photos is an important task. They represent the physical you in the online world, while providing an all-important first impression to anyone viewing your profile.”

5. Social media can help a business promote to a new target market. If a company aims to move into another market segment then social media is the ideal way to pinpoint which people online would fit their new target group. This is a relatively easy piece of market research as the majority of people have their information displayed on social networking sites.

6. Social media enables small businesses to get/give tips and advice to help their own business grow. Interactive sitres such as Linkedin are not only important in terms of communication and idea generation, they also act as a genuine way of ensuring the long term stability of one’s business.

7. Social media enables a company to show another side to their brand. For example, seeing as it is a lighter social networking site, a serious company may use facebook to be humerous or a lighter company may use Twitter for a more serious approach. This demonstrates how companies tend to very their approach across different social media.

8. Supplying links to main business website: Using Social Media can enable a business to link to their web page and therefore increase visitors.

9. “SEO is a set of techniques or practices that are put in place in order to improve the visibility of a website in ‘organic’ searches.” A strong social media presence will help increase a firm’s online visibility.

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