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Charleville Chamber of Commerce is a community oriented and voluntary organization set up with a view to enhancing local businesses and Charleville-based initiative.We have a number of expert s on our board, all of whom excel in a number of different areas. We possess a diverse blend of talented and successful businesspeople in our ranks who each give their time voluntarily to improve Charleville as a whole.
The Chamber doesn’t only look to help local business, we look to help Charleville. We are frequently involved in charity work and are always looking for ways to develop both business and employment in the local area.The Chamber is here to help everyone; those who own businesses, those who want to run an event or even those who have an idea and are wondering what their next step should be.The Charleville Chamber is jam-packed with people who are dedicated to seeing Charleville thrive so that employment is high, development is increasing and community initiatives are booming.If you are located in Charleville or the surrounding areas and you want advice or assistance of any nature for your business, event or idea; look no further than the Charleville Chamber of Commerce.


PJ McCarthy

President / Chairman
PJ McCarthy has showed tremendous desire and dedication in improving the town of Charlevile in the past number of years. PJ, like many of the other board members, is self-employed and has been in business in Charleville for many years now. PJ has been instrumental in recent times in helping local businesses to improve and take advantage of any opportunities that come the town’s way such as with the An Post Ras in May 2014.
PJ’s commitment has certainly been the cause of much business development and employment in Charleville and this trend is certain to continue into the future. His commitment to the Charleville cause has been outstanding and the local Chamber of Commerce would no doubt be years behind of where it currently is without this man at the helm.


John Donegan

Board member
John is self-employed and owns and operates Berkshire Financial which is located on Chapel St, Charleville. John is a very active member of the Chamber and is an excellent person to make contact with if you want advice or guidance in areas such as investments, pensions, financial planning and much more. John completed the Shannon Development Entrepreneurship Programme in 1993.
John is very approachable and has helped many businesses throughout Charleville in his time both through the Charleville Chamber and through his own busness John has experienced all of the financial crises that afflicted the Western World in the past 30 years; with this knowledge and his understanding of portlofio construcition clients can be assured of a thoughtful and considered advice when it comes to investing their hard earned money


Michael Murray

Vice President / Chairman 

Michael Murray is the vice president /chairman of Charleville chamber.Michael is a very active member of the main board and the enterprise board and has represented the chamber on T.V .including being part of RTE panel from cork on budget day.

Michael Murray is a Partner in Murray Cloney & associates accountants, who are prominent accountants in Charleville and surrounding region. Michael is a strong supporter of the local economy and works tirelessly at being a voice for rural Ireland and our local economy. Michael offers free first time consultation. This consultation could prove invaluable as many of the services they provide are essential for new businesses to get off their feet.


Jim O Mahony

Jim is popular locally for having been so influential within the Kerry Group in Charleville for so many years (then known as Golden Vale).
Jim gives up much of his spare time to improve the local business and employment sectors. Jim has embarked upon a number of adventures in recent times to improve Charleville and was a driving force behind the opening of the E-Centre on Baker’s Rd in 2012.
This is a fantastic office block for small businesses to locate. Without Jim’s commitment, Charleville would almost certainly have not have availed of this ultra-modern facility.
Jim has a number of projects on-going currently. He has a wealth of experience and even more knowledge. You would be foolish to run or set up a business in Charleville and not pick Jim’s brain when you have the opportunity to do so at will.

Richard BarryRichard Barry

Richard has been employed with the Chamber since February 2014 and has worked to vastly improve their presence online. Richard has completed his Masters in Cork Institute of Technology in Marketing and has gained much knowledge on online marketing and social media throughout his education. Richard is currently working in the AIB and has a huge knowledge of financial services as well as marketing. Richard is knowledgeable and educated in the field of marketing; an area which so many companies tend to neglect. He is another excellent asset to the Charleville Chamber of Commerce team.

                                                  Maria O Donoghue

Maria is the secretary of the Charleville Chamber of Commerce. She puts a great deal of eefort into administration for the Chamber and her organisational skills are second to none.
Perhaps Maria’s best asset is planning. The people who are involved with the Chamber are extremely busy with hugely demanding work schedules. Without Maria, the Charleville Chamber would struggle to run as smoothly.
Maria currently runs Office Assist; a small business which acts as a secretary to many local and national businesses. Maria has a wealth of knowledge in terms of how to expand a small business because since it started, Office Assist has gone from strength to strength.


Sarah O Keeffe

Sarah has operated as an Auctioneer for Charleville and the surrounding areas since 2011. This has been an extremely difficult time for the property sector but Sarah has got through it.
She is clearly a resilient businesswoman to have survived such a difficult financial climate for the past three years. She is a role-model to other young men and women in terms of her approach and her knowledge.
Sarah is very active in the Chamber and is always keen to get involved with local initiatives. She incorporates the demands of the Chamber into her busy schedule and plays a very valuable role within it.


Michael McGrath

Public Relations Officer
Michael possesses an excellent knowledge of advertising and marketing, especially through the traditional means.
He has run the highly successful Golden Vale News and Advertiser brochure with his daughter Deirdre since 2007; the most popular monthly magazine in Charleville and the surrounding areas.
Michael also works with the Corkman newspaper and has a page in it every week. It is this type of exposure that makes Michael such an important member of the Chamber as he has the capabilities to reach such a large audience in such a quick time if the Chamber ever wants to promote events or initiatives.

CHAMBERJessica Eveleigh

Marketing coordinator
Jessica has been employed with the Chamber since February 2015 and has worked to vastly improve their presence online.
Jessica is currently completing her Masters in Cork Institute of Technology in Marketing and has gained much knowledge on online marketing and social media throughout her education.

With Jessica and Michael McGrath on board, the Charleville Chamber now has a fine blend of digital and traditional marketing to ensure that whatever audiences people want us to reach, we can.

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