Benefits of Charleville Chamber membership

Charleville Chamber works to deliver a supreme array of services and benefits to our members.

The Chamber has a number of experts on our team, all of whom excel in a number of Charleville Chamberdifferent areas. It is a voluntary organisation dedicated to improving Charleville as whole and surrounding areas. In order to do so, we aim to assist local businesses and promote project which will benefit the town.

To become a member you just have to pay €150 per year (€300 for company with more than 50 employees) and you will benefit of all those services:

PromotionOnline and Offline Marketing

Charleville Chamber work to grow and spread your message

By being a member of the Chamber we work with you to help promote your business through both online and offline means. We can help you with your online marketing through networking events/referrals to your business and training courses. We can also help you with your online marketing through SEO marketing and social media marketing.

Networking Events/Referrals to your business

Networking is an invaluable tool to promote your business and it helps you spread positiveNetworking Charleville Chamber “word of mouth”. It can provide you with the opportunity to meet with like-minded business people but also potential clients. It is one of the most successful advertising tools that can convert potential clients into customers. At Charleville Chamber we have heard many stories from our members of how they met their biggest clients through a Chamber introduction. We also hold regular networking and referral groups in our E-Centre facility. These include the fortnightly Heart of Munster meetings and the Referral Group which take place every Thursday morning. If you run a business and would like to meet with like-minded people and get numerous referrals which bring real business, then ring or email us so you can attend one of these meetings and find out what it is all about.

We are also always receiving calls or Facebook message from people on where to avail of certain services. If you were a member of the Chamber we would recommend your firm accordingly so that you avail of real business.
The more active you are with the Charleville Chamber of Commerce, the more you will get out of it. People have availed of real business many times thanks to our referrals of them.

Also remember that networking isn’t just about turning up to the events and giving out business cards and flyers. We recommended that you practice the “elevator pitch” which is a 60 second summary of your business and the benefits it has for your potential clients. You should also take advantage of learning about other businesses and what they are offering. Sourcing new products and access to new supplies is also an important benefit of networking with the Charleville Chamber.

Bi-Weekly Enterprise Meeting

Every second Friday we hold an Enterprise meeting in the E-Centre on Baker’s Rd in Charleville.
This meeting is made up of Chamber board members, Charleville business people and locally elected Government representatives.
If you would like to come along to one of these meetings to give your input and see what is involved then please feel free to ring the Charleville E-Centre and find out when the meetings are taking place so you can attend. Although the Chamber does not take a political stance, we liaise and work with Aine Collins of Fine Gael at these meetings so that she can put forward the needs, ideas and desires of Charleville to the Governmental cabinet in order for them to be approved.
We have many projects in the pipeline which we discuss at these meeting such as infrastructural improvement, project development and methods of increasing employment opportunities in Charleville and the surrounding areas.
Please ensure that you attend if you would like to put forward any ideas or have your say on what you feel is best for Charleville. The more people we have attending these meetings then the better chance Charleville has of implementing any proposed ideas, schemes and initiatives.

Training Courses 

Here at Charleville Chamber we are constantly thriving to meet the needs of changing business environments. We hold training courses that are designed to meet enterprise needs of its member companies and the local community.   These courses are designed to develop participant’s skills and business knowledge across a range of subject areas such as digital marketing. Our training courses provide exceptional value for money, all locally delivered by top trainers.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search Engine optimization also called SEO for short is the process of improving your search engine ranking organically i.e. not paying to receive the higher search result. This will allow you to attract traffic to your website through unpaid or free listings. There are many ways to improve your SEO such as keyword research, onsite optimization and offsiteSEO Charleville optimization.

Richard Barry and Jessica Eveleigh are the Charleville Chamber marketing coordinators who have a considerable knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Digital Marketing. Contact him or her today to find out more about driving traffic to your site and how to be more effective online. Simply call 063-33133.


Social Media Marketing

social media

Social media marketing is used to gain traffic to your website or to keep your brand top of mind in the customer so when they decide to make a purchase they think of you first. There are a number of platforms you can consider in using such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. However you might be a bit lost when choosing which one to focus on and we are here to help. We have an in-depth knowledge about social media marketing which truly is a 21st century promotional phenomenon. So many businesses have struggled to adapt to the demands of the market because they are not active enough online. If used correctly, social media can be both the most cost-effective and effective way of reaching your target audience.
Facebook can be an extremely viable method of reaching your target market because due to paid Facebook campaigns, one can pick the gender, location, age, relationship status, interests and much more when deciding who will see the advertising material that you invest in. This means that unlike traditional media, your advertisement will reach only those who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. At the Chamber, we would argue that even if you do not generate many sales through this means, it is still vital that you are present online.

We have a number of Blogs on using different social media tool which can give you a helpful insight. Also feel free to contact us today to take advantage of our knowledge and to find out the most effective ways to implement a successful social media strategy.

Information on Meetings/Events

Charleville Chamber will regularly update our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Newsletter with information on meetings and events. We will also make contact with you if you are an active business in Charleville or the surrounding area so you are kept informed.

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