Benefits of the M 20 Motorway



>        The current N20 is under significant capacity constraints due to the recent growth in traffic volumes. Several locations on the current N20 have seen traffic levels at over 120% of capacity in 2017.

>        Development of the M20 would provide a Blarney to Patrickswell journey time of approximately 47 minutes.

>        The M20 scheme would prevent approximately 118 accidents per annum, which could result in an annual monetary saving of €12.4 million.

>        These transport benefits would also underpin the competitiveness of the South-West and Mid-West Regions, through enhancing internal and external connectivity, and improving productivity.

>The M20 would facilitate the development of a Cork-Limerick ‘twin-city’ region, which would provide a complement to Dublin in the context of the National Planning Framework, and the wider Mid-West and South- West Regions (including Kerry) and the Atlantic Corridor.

>The M20 scheme would provide enhanced labour market connectivity for the 273,000 people in the wider catchment’s labour force. The motorway would increase the labour force within a 45-minute commute of major employment centres by an estimated 23% to 243,000 people.

>The M20’s role in enhancing the environment for FDI and indigenous investment has the potential to support an estimated additional 4,000-5,400 direct jobs in the region. In gross terms excluding displacement impacts, these additional direct jobs could provide an annual gross exchequer impact of up to €128 million, depending on the nature of investment attracted.

>The M20 would deliver improved capacity to serve the external trading and connectivity requirements of businesses and tourism in the South-West Region, including through expanding the catchment areas of Cork and Shannon Airports, and the major ports of Cork and Shannon Foynes.

>The scheme would increase the accessibility of the wider South-West and Mid-West Regions for overseas and domestic tourism visitors.

>The M20 would deliver social and community benefits, including reduced stress and improved quality of life for commuters, and enhancing employment opportunities for residents in more remote locations.

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