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Charleville Chamber welcomes the announcement of funding for the CCTV system in Charleville. The Chamber has been working on this project for the last few years, in consultation with other local stakeholders including the Gardai. This additional security will bring Charleville in line with other main provincial towns in meeting the modern day requirements of dealing with protecting our society and provision of a safe environment.

Independent security consultants were engaged by Charleville Chamber to advise on the level of measures required, optimum locations for the CCTV and recommend on an overall strategy for the provision of the CCTV system. The report submitted by the independent security consultants formed the basis of discussions with the local stakeholders and the local authority in taking the initial steps for the provision of CCTV system in Charleville. The CCTV system will be located at the local Garda station, under their supervision and control.

“Charleville Chamber view this as the first step in insuring that Charleville stays apace with the modern day requirement of policing and this is regarded as Phase 1 of the CCTV system roll out. We are grateful to the recently retired Superintendent Pat McCarthy, local Sergeants Tom Moore and Mark Daly for their input and cooperation.

“Charleville is benefiting from the new Municipal Districts structures with the continued support from the local authority management of Donal O Carroll, Local Engineer and Pauline Moriarty, Municipal District Officer”.

“We would also like to express our gratitude to local elected councillor Ian Doyle for his support and commitment to improving Charleville as a strategic location and a great place to live, work, shop and be entertained” said Chamber President P.J. McCarthy”.

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