Charleville Born & Reared – Relatives Abroad – Opinions Needed

While much of rural Ireland has stagnated in recent years as a result of the economic crisis Charleville has been undergoing a lot of changes and continues to adapt to changing circumstances. Prosperous multinationals such as Kerry Group have facilities located here and employ many in the locality. Kerry Group is not the only prosperous business located in Charleville, there are other indigenous companies such as Response Engineering, BCD Engineering, Diesenvale, CID, Whelan Electrical, Tarsier Ltd., Dawn Meats, Charleville Park Hotel and St.Joseph’s Foundation, with hundreds are successfully employed in the Charleville area. It is also worth noting that a number of these companies also employ many abroad.

Charleville is strategically located along the main motorway linking Cork and Limerick. Thus Charleville has a higher consumer base ideal for Start-ups or established businesses in a variety of sectors. Indeed if you are considering establishing a company here in Charleville, the location offers state of the art business parks and a recognised hotel chain that would suit your corporate requirements. Of course Ireland’s low corporation tax of 12.5% also adds value to locating your business in Charleville.

To add further value to the town The Charleville Chamber is working on the REDZ initiative which has identified 10 distinctive projects for Charleville.

All of the projects below have their own strengths and weaknesses; however we would like your opinion on what project you would like to see happen for Charleville in the coming years?

My Main Street – an on-line shopping mall for both towns/businesses in the REDZ

Renewable Energy Campus – anaerobic digestion, inclusive of on-farm element

Broadband –pursuing fibre optic for the locality

Clustering engineering firms – to increase opportunities and competitiveness.

Moatville House – heritage house, walled garden and ponds

Greenway – a scenic walking path along the railway line from Charleville to Limerick

Trails – properly marked loop walking trails from the park in Charleville with a link to the Ballyhoura Way and a cycle/walk trail between the town parks in Charleville and Kilmallock along quiet roads of Effin.

Outdoor gym – install fitness equipment in the park in Charleville

Town Plaza – erecting an open/shut canopy to cover the town plaza

The Courthouse – establish the ownership with a view to redeveloping this main street heritage building

Is there any other initiative or project that would encourage you to come back to Charleville, to live, work or socialise?

To anyone out there that has a business idea and would like to discuss their concepts, please contact us and we can try to assist you anyway we can.

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