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Charleville Co. Cork is home to numerous shops that cater for many different shoppingChic Boutique needs.  I surveyed four different shop owners to find out the background to their company, why did they choose Charleville as a location, what type of people they cater for, what makes their company different and to find out if they made any significant changes to their business. The different retailers that were asked consisted of New Leaf Health Store, Design and Craft Studio, Chic Boutique and J.P Moran’s.  This week I will go into detail into why Chic Boutique located in Charleville.

Chic Boutique decided to set up their business in the locality because she previously worked in a ladies boutique and got to know the client base, so decided to open her own business. They are currently in the business for 21 years now and have a great knowledge of the target market.

They would recommend highly that potential business people or entrepreneurs to set up business in the town because of the good passing trade. They feel that the two hours of free parking on Main Street is a great advantage to the business community, where customers can have a look around the shops and also have a spot of lunch.

Did you make any significant changes to your business?

Chic Boutique decided four years ago to stop “Mother of the Bride” clothing range due to the downturn in the economy at the time and now is focusing on more casual ladies wear. Chic Boutique has no intention in going back into that particular range in the near future.

What makes Chic Boutique different?

Chic Boutique believes what makes their company different from other stores is that they are targeting a slightly more mature target market than their competitors. Their clientele would consist of women aged 35+, they would know nearly all of their clientele by t
heir first name and is able to offer them a personalised service.

Is e-commerce is a big part of their business?

At the moment they don’t rely on ecommerce to sell or advertise their women’s clothing range; however they do use Facebook to bring people into their store.

Overall they would highly insist on any business to think about setting up here in Charleville. If you are looking for a unique range of women’s clothing then Chic Boutique is the place for you, feel free to contact them by phone (063) 89930



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