Christmas Marketing Ideas 2015 Charleville

Christmas is a prime selling time for all retailers and service industries alike in Charleville, even if it is a time for more competitiveness in the marketplace.

Plan It

First and foremost according to The Marketing Donut you need to have a plan in place. You need to know before you just start promoting what are they objectives you want to achieve, what you are going to do and when do you want to carry it out.

Who are you Targeting?

You need to be aware of your target market because marketing to different target markets will be very different. For example Noonans Charleville would be marketing towards boys and girls around aged 6-10 which would be very different to marketing towards females aged 18-30 for the likes of Love Cherish for example. This will affect a whole lot of things such as which communication medium you use and even the colours.

You even need to understand who will be buying the gift or is it even a gift. If it is a gift you will be marketing to the people that buy for themselves and who would be buying the gift.

Emphasis Product Benefits

For Christmas you need to get passed the noise of the overcrowded market place, with people getting bombarded with so many different offers and gifts. Your best bet is to emphasise your product benefits over competitors. People want to know why they should choose you over competing products. Just make sure you explain the benefits in simple terms so your target audience can understand them.

Christmas Spirt

Once you understand all of the above you need to get your business location into the Christmas spirit of things both your offline and online marketing.

Try dressing up your website logo or social media accounts like Google. Social media pages like Facebook change your profile/cover photos to your new Christmas piped logo. In Twitter you can even change your background wall to a Christmas themed one.

Getting Personal

You can get about anything personalised now of days but they are still fun and create that personal touch.

A great one I seen on SmallBizTrends is personalised postage stamps with your company Christmas themed logo on them.  You can use these to send out Christmas cards to all your loyal customers over the years or even add them to other communications that your send out over the holiday season.

For the supermarkets’/sweet stores in Charleville a great idea is to make customised cookies, with a special holiday message or even personalised candy instore.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Classic

You can’t forget about the 12 days leading up to Christmas when shoppers are at their busiest time trying to get their loved one something really special this Christmas.

Each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, offer one item on sale at a really great discount. People that try this method with a discount of only 15% – 20% lower than the marked price; don’t see much extra people coming into their store. The “Deal of the Day” can be anything you sell or a service you supply, but the primary goal is to generate foot traffic into your store, so you need to make it something worthwhile that people will go into your store. Think about what people want this Christmas and make the discount steep. Once they are in your store, they will browse around and may pick up something they didn’t even think of before entering.

Let people know the deal that morning or even the night before what the deal is. Promote it through emailing your customer lists, texting and through any social media medium you have.

This promotion works because it fun and it generates excitement.

In your email campaigns make sure to include other items that are too available in your store, ranging from best sellers to items you are overstocked in. use a mixture of price range raging from higher priced goods to lower priced to appeal to all your customers’ needs/wants.

Keep your messages brief but fun as many things are competing for your customer’s attention this year. Subject lines such be interesting and grab their attention, for e.g Day 4 – 50% off “Your Product”. Make sure to include any pictures or videos of that product you have.


Having your very own Santa Clause instore one day is a great way to get more people into your shop. For Tir na Nog Children’s Adventure Play Area Charleville this would be an excellent idea to bring more children in. The parents will bring their kids in to see Santa and to play. Other places in Charleville this idea would also work as while the child is getting their present off Santa, you could give the parent a gift of a promotional voucher.

Creating awareness of this would be through holding a social media competition where you give one lucky person the chance to see Santa for free.

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