Cork County Council Environment Department Announcement

cork county councilThe Cork County Council Environment Department has got in touch with us here at the Chamber to inform all the business that they are currently undertaking an inspection of the Producer Responsibility Initiatives (PRI) currently in operation in Cork County. In the coming months, PRI Advisors will be visiting local businesses and companies to report on the level of compliance with current waste management requirements regarding the following kinds of waste (depending upon the type of business and what it is involved with)

1) Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE);

2) Industrial or auto batteries;

3) Tyres;

4) Food waste;

5) Vehicle repairs/servicing and end of life vehicles;

6) Plastic bags;

7) Farm plastics;

Businesses will be required to answer a number of questions regarding their current waste disposal procedures.  Basically we would like to pre inform companies in the area of our arrival over the coming months. We will be gathering some information and advising them of possible methods of waste disposal.

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