Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print. Charleville C.B.S Secondary School T.Y Group 2017


As part of our Transition Year Programme at Charleville CBS, a number of students are involved in the “Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print” Young Social Innovators project.

The Social Innovation Action Programme for Senior Cycle is a youth-led, team based, action focused programme that enables young people to look at social issues they care about and take positive action to make a difference. Working in teams, social innovators are challenged to identify a social issue affecting them, their communities or wider society and to come up with and implement creative solutions. Each year, thousands of young people, throughout Ireland tackle issues such as health, equality, poverty, safety, and the environment.

“Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print” is an environmental project. The main aim of the project is to reduce Carbon Emissions (C02) locally and nationally by encouraging people to bring their own reusable cup and ditch the disposable paper cup when getting a take out beverage in garages and coffee outlets throughout the country. To kick start the idea, the students will organize a “Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ (DYCCP) week in the town of Charleville later in the year. It is hoped that, during the designated week, people will get a discount on a beverage when they bring their own reusable cup when buying a take out beverage from shops and garages in the town. To ensure the success of the designated DYCCP week the students sough the help, support and advise of the Charleville Chamber of Commerce. Mr. P.J. McCarthy and Mr. Sean Fitzgibbon from the Chamber offered invaluable advice and encouragement to the students. The Chamber will mentor the students in this endevour and lend its support to the project. The students described their meeting with the Chamber as; ‘educational, insightful, a good learning curve and reported that their confidence in the work of the project had grown.

The students intend to collect relevant data for their project by conducting a survey in the town, before and during the designated DYCCP week. The survey will address people’s attitude to: the environment, CO2 emissions, the use of the disposable paper cup versus the use of a reusable cup and the environmental cost to the planet.

In the course of their research, the students have formed links with like-minded people involved in similar projects in countries such as USA, Norway and Sweden. One of the perceived problems with bringing your own reusable cup for a take out beverage is the inconvenience of the standard available reusable cups. The students are currently researching the availability/design of a collapsible, compact, totally sealed recyclable cup. Their research, in this field, has led them to three guys in the United States who have designed a reusable, collapsible cup, which is extremely convenient when on the go.  The students hope that such a cup or similar will be available in Charleville during the designated DYCCP week.

The work is ongoing and the students would really appreciate the support of the local people in ensuring that their project is a success. People can help by; participate in the surveys and by taking a reusable cup to their favourite coffee/beverage outlet during the designated, ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ week in Charleville. The date for this week will be announced shortly. Details, news and updates on the project are available on the following:

Twitter account @ DitchYourCCP

School website: Charlevillecbs.com

Why not share your thoughts, ideas and any suggestions with the students, contact:

Email: DitchYourCarbonCupDYCC@gmail.com

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