Easter Marketing Ideas for Charleville Businesses

After Christmas, Easter is the next most profitable holiday and is a time for you to kick Easter in Charleville start your marketing campaign and make your company’s profit hopping. Even if you are not selling candy or Easter eggs, you can use Easter marketing campaigns work in any industry. You just need to be a little more creative when coming up with a marketing strategy. As well as all the benefits this holiday holds for retail and food industry, there is also tremendous opportunity for the less obvious businesses such as beauticians, clothing retailers, travel and even business to business companies. According to the Local Direct Network the same rules apply for your Easter marketing campaigns as your normal marketing campaigns such as making it interesting, unique and giving customers a reason to pay attention.

Here are some Easter marketing ideas

Sending an “Easter egg” direct-mail postcard

Postcards are perfect for reminding your customer about your business and for reaching your target market with a special offer that they will respond to. You can print post-cards in the shape of Easter eggs to promote your offer. If you want to increase traffic into your retail store, you can include a special discount card on each Easter egg postcard.

Hosting an Event

Easter Marketing Ideas for Charleville Businesses Easter is a time for families to come together, so why host an Easter event for your customers such as an Easter egg hunt. It will create more brand and product awareness, while also building good public relations with your customers. You can send a direct mail newsletter to inform all your customers, plus advertise it on all your social media platforms and printed material. While the kids are looking for the eggs, take this opportunity to talk with the parents about different products and even do product demonstrations. You should also make sure you have either flyer or broachers that the parents can take home.

It doesn’t even have to be a kid’s eater egg hunt but you can do an adult Easter egg hunt in store, where you hide plastic Easter eggs containing a special prize or even a discount percentage.

Sponsor an Event

If you don’t have time to organise an event, you could also sponsor an Easter egg hunt or
BBQ. Most schools, sports clubs or even scout clubs would be hosting an Easter egg hunt and you could sponsor a prize or even the Easter eggs and sweets for the event, in return for placing banners and promotional material at the event, as well as being on all promotional material being sent out.  You could also set up your own stand, giving out broachers and talking about the benefits your products or services offer them, while the kids are looking for the eggs.

Easter Baskets

You can make your own Easter baskets with stand-alone items into special Easter baskets for kids, parents, spouse, grandparents or others. This is a great idea if there are certain items you want to get rid of and it will make it easy for your customers, you could also put your best selling items in the basket at a bundled price.

Make Easter Egg Tips/Tricks Flyers

You want your customers to think of you first when making a purchase decision so makingEaster Marketing Ideas for Charleville Businesses a flyer or booklet with lots of tips and ideas of things to do on Easter holidays would be a great idea as they would stick it up on the fridge and be reminded of your brand.

Many of your customers will be hosting Easter celebrations so even giving tips and tricks on hosting the perfect Easter celebrations. Also Easter cooking recipes is also a good idea featuring popular and traditional Easter recipes. You should ensure your content is relevant and accurate to portray your business as an expert in party planning. You can even add your own products or services to help customers understand why buying from you can help make their Easter holidays better.

Easter Facebook Contest

Holding an Easter Facebook contest is also another great idea and is my favourite. It is very simple and easy to do depending on how you go about it. Inviting your Facebook followers to submit their favourite Easter photos and give a prize to the best photo. This will encourage a lot of engagement and activity on the page.

As you can see there are many creative ways to do your Easter promotions and you don’t have to sell Easter eggs or candy to reel the profit potential of this holiday.

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