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Some simple tips to improve your Facebook marketing that can get you to stand out above the crowed. Facebook Marketing

Boosted Posts

Boosting your Facebook posts are very effective in creating awareness of a new product, epically for small businesses.  It can allow you to target your own Facebook fans but also friends of your fans. It can allow you to reach over the number of fans on your page and creates greater engagement on the page.

In addition to the original increased reach and engagement, the next few posts on the page will also see an increase in reach and engagement in the average organic reach due to the activity on the boosted post.

Integrate it with your PR marketing

Facebook is also a tool that should complement your other marketing activities; it can support your brands PR or publicity efforts. Journalists use Facebook to source their stories and Facebook itself actively promotes the platform as a “Rolodex” with 1 billion contacts for reporters.

Where you company may have used traditional press releases in the past, you can now share your story on Facebook. It is a low-friction way to report the facts in the case of breaking news or to provide comments on emerging issues that will help get your story to the media and your fans faster.

To research members of the media, you can use Facebook Graph Search tool. This can allow you to quickly find out who works where, what publications your fans may read or follow anyone with a journalism-related public title.

Use the Audience Insights

According to The Social Media Examiner in order to increase sales you first of all need to understand your target audience. Once you have a better idea of who they are, you can optimize your content strategy, target your advertising better and generate more return on investment. Using Facebook Audience Insights makes this much easier, as it gives you the ability to see what your audience engages with and likes. It allows you to profile your customers in so much more detail than ever before. It will let you see whether they like more posts with photos, what time of day to posts, if the contest worked and the types of topics to post.

Give back to your followersFacebook Love

Don’t forget that you must also give back to your followers to show them that you appreciate them. People will not be inclined to follow your business page if they do not feel they are benefiting from doing so. Offering members exclusive deals that they value and offers for being a fan is a great way to maintain their continued support and build in brand loyalty that will in return increase sales.

Use these tips in your Facebook strategy as it will allow you to increase your social media presence and also allow you to target your potential customers.

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