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With all the changes Facebook has been making recently on how many people see you posts, I think it’s a good idea to see what we can do to help counteract these changes to some extent.

Some of the reasons to these changes is because Facebook wants to make money and also due to a lot of competition on Facebook at the moment. It would be virtually impossible to show everyone, every post from every page they follow. Facebook uses its own algorithm to select which posts are seen in users news feed. According to TechCrunch there are numerous factors that determine who sees your posts.  These factors are (interest x post x creator x types x recency). This means how interested a person is to a particular page, how well the post performed with other users (i.e. the amount of engagement the post received in terms of likes, comments, shares) the type of post ( i.e. photo, video, links, plain text) and also when the post was posted.

Content is King

So in order to increase your organic reach there are numerous options to take into Content is King Charlevileconsideration and first of all according to the Search Engine Journal you need to create quality content, I know I have mentioned quality content in my last few blogs but “content is king”. If you post quality and valued content consistently it will help your post to be ranked more highly with Facebook. Facebook determines if your post has quality content by the amount of likes, shares and clicks on the post. Facebook also determines how many times a particular person engages with that particular business page. This mean the more a particular person shares, likes, comment or clicks on that pages post the more times that person will see their posts.  The more quality content you have, the more engagement you will have on your page and hence more organic reach of posts.

You can test to see what type of posts get the most engagement through boosting them.  Then you will be able to see that a video post may get more likes/comments than a link to an article. This technique also tells Facebook that your posts are credible if the post receives a lot of engagement, which will also increase your organic reach.

Post at Non-Peak Times

Post at non-peak times is getting a lot of attention lately. Peak times would be considered between the hours of 6am – 3pm and non-peak times between 10pm – 3am. The idea around this concept is that there isn’t much actively happening on Facebook around these hours, so your post will have to be seen. In my own personal opinion I don’t know if this could work as your target audience may not be online during those hours. However I do believe that you should post around two hours before your target audience are online to try get some bit of activity on the post before Facebook experiences post overload.  By having some bit of engagement on the post before this happens I think it has more of a chance of getting noticed.

In saying all this there has been research done by Jon Loomer status updates with photos or links were more likely to be seen by more people during non-peak hours.

Sharing Behind the Scene Content

Sharing photos of you and your team working or taking pictures of staff parties or anything that makes your company more personal will help increase your organic reach. Your Facebook page should be showing your companies culture and core values. It is like your “about us” section on your website.

Don’t overuse selling post

Although it is ok to promote your products/services on Facebook sometimes but it’s not ok to overly do it. I would suggest doing a selling post once every two weeks but that’s just my own personal opinion.

Facebook is a social networking tool so it should be used to listen to your customers and asking questions to encourage engagement. Facebook users did not join Facebook to shop but to socialise with people and engage with content that they find interesting. Also according to the Search Engine Journal Facebook has announced that they will begin to reduce the amount of promotional material that fans will be able to see, without companies paying for them ads.

Facebook Insight Tools

Facebook insight tool is a common analytic tool that most people don’t even bother to use.Facebook ToolIt has a lot of different data to help company owners know more about Facebook audience and it has lots of data to help to measure the performance of their content. It is broken down into – Likes, Reach, Visits, Post and People.

The Likes tab gives you information such as where people were coming from that liked your page such as from the laptop, mobile device or even page suggestions. It can even tell you were the people who liked you page paid for or did they like your page organically.

The Reach tab tells you how many people have actually seen your post.

The Visits tab then tells you were people went on your Facebook page for example your timeline and also what external sites brought people to your page.

The Post tab allows you to see exactly what type of posts get the most likes/engagement and also the time of day your audience is online.

The People section shows you the demographic of your fan base, which is very useful as it will allow you to see things such as their gender and their location etc.

By using this tool you can gain a bigger insight into your fans to help grow your audience.

As I mentioned earlier there is a lot of talk about posting at non-peak time but I would still recommend posting an hour or two before your target audience is online and by using Facebook insight tool you will be able to tell exactly when the best time it is to post

These are just some tips on increasing the organic reach of your Facebook posts.

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