Garden Of Remembrance Renovations

TT garden photo before 1TT garden after 1

             Before and after shots
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When formulating the plan for 2016, Charleville Tidy Towns committee identified the Garden of Remembrance as a priority, in need of urgent attention. Occupying a prominent position on the approach road from Limerick, it is important to have it clean and tidy in appearance so that it makes a positive impression on all who pass, locals and visitors alike. The profusion of weeds, such as mare’s tail, which threatened to overrun the whole garden, made it impossible to maintain by a committed, but small, group of volunteers.

Having reached that conclusion, professional advice was sought from a number of sources. This resulted in initially having the area worst affected by mare’s tail, i.e. the corner nearest “The Cow” cleaned and covered with stones. It was clear then that a plan for the remainder of the Garden needed to be drawn up. This was done by Charleville Tidy Towns  members in consultation with a landscape gardener. Charleville Lions Club came on board then and with their support and help the project was completed. Charleville Tidy Towns committee is very grateful for the support of the Lions Club.

Charleville Tidy Towns committee also wishes to thank Cork County Council for its support in the form of grant aid for this project.

We would also like to thank the Kerry Group for their support and their help with the maintenance of the Garden of Remembrance.

Charleville Tidy Towns Committee does great work around the town and are always looking for new volunteers. They meet every Monday night at the Plaza at 7 pm, so come along with shovels, brushes etc and we will all pull together to make Charleville as clean as possible.


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