How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

There are lots of ways to market you company online but using “free” platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you are still spending your time and resources on them. With many different methods of marketing with a very diverse audience you’re online marketing needs more time in planning it.

You need to develop it depending on your target audience by understanding them and really getting to know them, by understanding the language they use and where they spend most of their time online and offline.

To get this information you need to start with customer research by conducting surveys. Surveys can be done online through different tools such as Survey Monkey, or

Listen to the language they use through the use of the survey or even recording them and listen to how they describe your product or your competitors and note any metaphors and how they use your product.

Sales Structure Function
You need to think of your online marketing through the sales structure function. These are

sales funnel increase awareness and drive, engage your visitors, convert and repeat purchase.

Tactics to Increase Awareness and Drive Traffic

Website Marketing
The first place to start is on your website and to do this you need to consider adding a blog so you can easily add new content that is relevant and interesting to your target market for example if you are a hotel such as the Charleville Park Hotel useful blogs would be things to do for families in Charleville or surrounding areas. Having video’s on your website and uploading them to You Tube which also helps prospects find your business and create more awareness of your company.
Your SEO is also very important for your online marketing by optimising every page on your website for organic and local SEO. Link building is also important for building trust an getting local social share, also creating a google plus local page.
Having a mobile friendly website is becoming huge at the moment as Google is ranking more favourable to website that are mobile optimized and also more and more people are looking at websites through mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing
Increase awareness through your social media accounts also but only use social media platforms that’s your target market is using.


Social Media Icons

For Facebook marketing to work you should post share worthy content that people will want to share, run timeline contests that will stimulate likes and comments. Consider running page ads targeting prospects, friends of followers and ads that drive traffic to your website. Posting links to content on your website, run Facebook offers, run contests that collect email addresses through using a third party app then you should follow up with email marketing. Another idea would be to post exclusive discount codes to your followers.
Twitter marketing you should also post content from your website, run a Twitter contest to increase awareness and having exclusive discount codes. You could also consider paying for Twitter adverts with either a promoted tweet or a promoted page.

For LinkedIn marketing to create awareness through building up your network and sharing content with them that links back to your website. Consider participating in discussion groups with information that links back to your website. Creating a company page and sharing links to all your followers. Optimizing your profile with key search words to be found in search results.

What social media platform should you focus on????
Well if your business has lots of images/visual content such as a clothing retailer for example Love Cherish here in Charleville, I think you should focus on Facebook, Instagram and also if you have the time Pinterest is also a good option to consider. This tool is predominately a female market so it would be especially useful for selling women’s clothing.

Are your target late adopters, if so considering using just Facebook as most late adopters would only be on Facebook

Are you targeting predominately consumers then I think the best options to focus on would be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram depending on your business as not all would be relevant such as Instagram if you don’t have visual content.

Are you targeting predominately other businesses then LinkedIn would be my number one choice to start off in and also Twitter and maybe Facebook also.

Tactics to Engage Your Visitors
So in order to engage your visitors on your website, you should install Google analytics to monitor your bounce rate, average page views, average time online and what pages are visitors viewing most. Think of your homepage as your shop window by providing an overview of your services using image links.

Having high quality content on your website is a must to engage your visitors. Create free useful guides such as blog articles. Try focus on helping your visitors rather than hard selling, this will differentiate you. Creating company promo videos that explain what your company does and if your product would be difficult to use “how to video” is also a good idea. Embed your social media newsfeeds also.

Tactics to convert engaged visitors into enquiries and sales
On your website you could install this will let you watch what people do when they come to your site and you can spot conversion issues. You should ensure all your call to action buttons are prominent such as telephone numbers, email addresses etc.
Have content on the site that requires email address, this will allow you to nurture your email list as these may be the people that did not convert immediately. Creating customer testimonials video is a good option, along with product demonstrations videos.
Use mobile marketing tactics to convert visitors by running a competition to collect mobile numbers and follow up with an SMS campaign.

Having social media button where they can like/follow your pages so you can convert them through social media. Installing a Facebook shopping cart on your page and using Facebook competitions to capture email addresses and then follow up.

Tactics to increase loyalty and repeat purchases
To try to increase repeat purchases, use email and mobile marketing offering them exclusive discounts. On social media keep an eye out on what they have achieved for example maybe they got a new job and congratulate them on that or anything else along those lines.

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  1. Thanks. This is a very helpful overview of Online Marketing. It’s also very useful for businesses to optimise their YouTube videos properly to ensure that they are found in YouTube Search and also in Universal Search. It’s not enough to upload a video and then hope for the best. As Google owns YouTube, it loves to put a relevant video or two in the Search Engine Results Page.

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