How to get the most out of eBay and PayPal nowadays

For quite some time, eBay and Paypal have offered buyers discount coupons online, which allow them rebates on their purchases. EBay sellers should make use of this opportunity and start accepting payment through Paypal or eBay to increase the chances of a sale happening through the use of such coupons.

Paypal and eBay send such promotional discount coupons randomly or sometimes targeted to a specific audience through e-mails. EBay sellers have an excellent opportunity to sell their items in such a situation, as eBay also offers discount coupons on the best-selling items, non-moving items, or items that are soon going to be out of favor amongst buyers. While buyers should consider themselves lucky if they happen to get such discount coupons, which are generally non-transferable and linked to a specific e-mail ID, sellers have to ensure they offer such discounts on eBay for the items they list to have any chance of increasing their sales.
EBay sellers have to be aware that these discount coupons are sent to individuals to entice them back to the website or to promote a product. With so many options to choose from, these discount coupons save anything from a small sum to hundreds of dollars on a purchase.
Where can sellers find and offer such discount coupons to buyers? Well, these discount coupons are available on some websites that cater to specific interests related to discount coupons, rebates, and related products. But, these coupons are not always authentic and sometimes turn out to be expired, resulting in financial loss. The most important thing to remember here is that eBay and Paypal offer free discount coupons, and these are also found on various forums on their website, thus providing a secure way to access them.
Sellers may get in touch with eBay and Paypal through official forums on their respective websites and take advantage of these facilities, which enable them to offer rebates to people who buy their products through eBay, using Paypal as the payment option.

General And Specific Discount Coupons

EBay buyers and sellers have to be aware that general discount coupons can be used by anyone who makes a purchase on eBay with the payment through Paypal, while specific discount coupons are user specific and can be used only through the registered e-mail ID to which the coupon was sent. The seller has to ensure they mention acceptance of such discount coupons to entice a buyer into buying the product. Buyers who use Paypal get a secure platform of payment and sellers who accept such payments from Paypal get a wider reach to sell their product. General coupons are usually not linked to any particular e-mail ID and hence are easily distinguished from specific coupons.

These discount coupons generally have an expiration date before which the purchase has to be made to ensure the discount is applicable when buying online.

Availability of Discount Coupons

EBay and Paypal discount coupons are offered by eBay and Paypal themselves to individuals who qualify and can be because of recent purchases from eBay or being a regular customer of Paypal services.

Other sources for discount coupons can be found on the Internet; however, as these are direct, company-provided coupons. The responsibility of finding authentic discount coupons lies with the individual.

An eBay seller may also be able to provide buyers such discount coupons through these websites; however, please note that this may require some study and research to find the right sources, the methodology, and execution to the satisfaction of both parties.

When it comes to using discount coupons, the buyer has to ensure that the payment is made through Paypal and the buying from eBay for the discount to be applicable. The seller should also be registered with Paypal to accept payments, and the transaction has to be carried out over an e-mail ID associated with a Paypal account.

For an seller, offering such discount coupons work wonders as they provide an edge over regular sellers. A seller who regularly offers his customers an extra advantage of a rebate for their purchase will definitely attract a lot of hits for his listing as compared to a non rebate item.

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