How to Research and Locate your audience through Social Media

To get the most out of your social media marketing you need to fully understand what social media platform they are on and who they are.

Identify your Ideal Customer

The first step is to Identify your Ideal Customer. According to The Social Media Examiner you need to create a fictional persona of your ideal customer. This makes it easier to find people on social media sites who resemble that persona.

Determining you Audience Size

The second step would be Determining your Audience Size. You can do this through Facebook Ads Manager. This will give you an estimate of the size of your audience.  Obviously not everyone will be on Facebook, this will all depend on the geographic location of your audience, their age, gender etc.

Survey Your Customers

To find out what social media platform your audience spends their time on, you can survey them. Asking them questions in regards to what social media site do they use most often, do they read blogs and which ones and finally what people they follow online.

Research their behaviour online, by looking up research studies and infographics that provide information on specific platforms. For example look up the Marketing Charts online to see a makeup of the top social media channels based on gender, age, education and more.

Connect With Your Customer

Once your research is completed and have a clear picture of your target audience, it is now time to use this information and apply it to the different social media and digital marketing platforms.

You can upload your email database to some social networks to help you find your customer.

To find your customer on Facebook your best bet is to use Facebook Ads Manager to target your ideal demographic.  For Twitter you should use the ad platform, where you can find and reach your audience based on geography, gender, keywords, interests, influencers (called “followers here) and more.  LinkedIn has an advertising platform but the real influence is in the prospecting tool and making one-on-one connections with your audience. To use this just simply search for people with a relevant term in their profile and limit the geographical area. Work your way down the search results, decide whom you want to connect with and which people you might want to send an InMail to.

Guest Blogging isn’t used or heard of as much but it looks like it is going to become a big thing in 2016.  Most marketers are blogging, as they see the benefits it gives to them in regards to SEO; however you can also find your ideal customer using guest blogging.  Guest blogging gives you immediate access to your existing audience.  Simply, Google your targeted “keywords” along with “guest blog” to find blogs that are searching for guest writers. The person that owns the blog gets the information about your product/service, while you get the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader.

To conclude, firstly start by identifying your “ideal” customers through desk research and surveys amongst groups. You can find them using guest blogging, targeted ads on social media platforms and engagement with powerful search tools on social networking websites. Finally, encourage them to visit your website and to get to know you along with your business better.

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