How to Use a Blog to Market Your Business

Why Create a Blog

Why Blog CorkA blog gives your business many benefits as it gives your company an identity and a “voice” according communications art. There are numerous benefits as they can establish you as a taught leader, improve search engine optimization and it can also create opportunities for leads and sales. However that’s not all, it can also generate positive word of mouth about your company and can educate your customers without being too sales pitchy.

An example of a great blog in my opinion is The Social Media Examiner as has lots of useful information on digital marketing. To find blogs that are in your sector go to

What You Need To Consider

You should consider only adding a blog to your website if you have the time and resources to update it regularly; you have a clear understanding of what your blog is going to be about and finally that you have a clear idea about how the blog will add value to your customers and potential customers. You can create a blog on, you will need to download it and then upload it onto the hosting site or ask your hosting company if it is Wordpress Chamber of Commercealready installed. This requires you or your website designer to install the software on your server and it also requires a bit of technical knowledge. You could also create a blog not linked to your website on or tumblr is another option.

What to Write About

Blog Generator CorkIf you are wondering what you should write about then you should use HubSpots Blog Generator Tool, it has lots of useful blog idea topics that can be tailored to your industry. All you have to do is enter your key search terms you want to be found for in relation to you product or service. Other simple ideas would be local company news or industry trends, “how to” guides and tips and even local events.


You need to ensure that the title tags of your blog page are optimised for key search terms you want to be found for, create content that people will want to share so it’s get noticed more, ensure all your posts have social media buttons such as LinkedIn share and Facebook share to make it easier for people to share the content and finally you should also encourage engagement by asking questions or what people think at the end of your post.

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