How to Use Snap Chat to Market your Business

Snapchat is one of the newest social networking apps out there. At present not many Snapchat Marketingmarketers are utilising this platform which means your business has a great opportunity to stand out and shine on this platform compared to Facebook.

Some things that limit its ability is that Snapchat has a limit on the amount of video footage you can take at any one time and also has a limit on the amount of time a photo can be viewed for. For example, a video or photo will disappear as soon as a few seconds go by, never to be seen again by the receiver. However the snap will never disappear until such time that the receiver physically opens the snap.

You need to understand the type of tone to use on Snapchat. Snapchat isn’t a formal social app; it’s more casual in its tone of voice. People snap pictures of their meals, daily activities, holidays, interesting views etc. So when developing a strategy for using Snapchat try to keep to the casualness of the app. Have a look and see at how your competitors are using the app.

What to Post

Showing behind the scene content of your company can give a more personal feel to your company and show them the company culture. For example pictures of the people behind the brand and pictures or videos of the product being constructed etc.

Creating a tutorial about something you want to be known for. For example if you want to be known as a health or fitness couch – showing videos of how to create a certain healthy meal or even how to do some fitness routine for a flat stomach etc.

Showing your product in action. For example showing how to your juice blender or showing people wearing your dress and so on. Embrace the time limits enforced by Snapchat by showing people upcoming products that will be available by giving a sneak preview.

Ask your followers for pictures or videos of them using your product and send out snaps featuring them. This will allow people to see and think of other ways to use your product.

Interact with your Followers

If your fans snap you, try to reply to the snap. You won’t be able to do it all the time but every so often. This will show people there is a person behind your social media activities.

Grab Attention

To grab people’s attention, use  a series of images for example GrubHub (company based in the U.S) used a series of images showing pizza being eating slice by slice to create a bit of suspense before revealing the a discount code in the last image. By giving a discount, it also gives people a reason to follow you.


If you want to get your followers to do something after they seen your snap. You can ask your followers to screen shot your snap. First send out a snap saying that you are about to give out some sort of discount and ask them to screenshot it. Then reveal the code and see how may opened it but also how may actually screenshotted the code. This will allow you to track exactly how many people actually took advantage of this discount code on whatever product/service you choose, since its distributed exclusively on snapchat.

Snapchat marketing is relatively new and is uncluttered social media platform. This platform gives you a great opportunity to get your business name, product/services out there.

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