How To Use Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter is growing at an alarming rate and this is why you should consider using Twitter asTwitter Marketing Cork a marketing tool.  It increases your traditional media such as TV and Print uses Twitter to extend their reach and engagement.   There are some differences of Twitter compared to Facebook for example in Facebook you can have a business account but in Twitter there is no distinction between personal and business accounts. There isn’t as much room for conversations and community discussion on Twitter compared to Facebook and there is a character restriction on Twitter compared to Facebook.

What Type of Marketing Tool is Twitter?

It is not a hard selling tool like press advertising or cold calling and it is also not a tool to increase your follower list with lots of people and annoy them with lots of offers and just sales messages.  However it is a tool where you can really connect with people who share the same interests as you, which could even be the product you’re selling, sharing useful links tips or articles relevant to your sector and by doing this you will be helping your followers and also demonstrating the expertise and passion in your industry. However on occasion you can send out special offers or what’s happening in your company. Twitter will also allow you to identify customers who mention your product or service and you will be able to engage with them.

Starting Out

Once you set up your Twitter account make sure you right a compelling bio and make sure you post some tweets before you start following people as people won’t know whether it’s beneficial to follow you back. You also need to make sure you know what you’re going to be tweeting about.  Tweet about other peoples stuff, when you are tweeting about your own product/service make sure you make it useful and relevant for example give advice, blog posts, pictures, video etc. and remember share the human side of your company, to give it a more personal touch. A useful resource to use if you’re having trouble thinking of what to tweet about is Topsy, this tool will help you find out what other companies are tweeting about.

Quality Tweets

The main aim of Twitter is to get a retweet and you can achieve this through quality posts. twitterThis will expose you to your followers’ followers i.e. people you are not connected to. Quality tweets can also produce Follow Friday recommendations. Follow Friday is a Twitter convention where people are encouraged to recommend 3-4 high quality people that they follow to their own followers. They send the usernames of the 3-4 people out with the hashtag #ff.



Following Others

When following other people a large % of them will follow you back and to ensure that they do follow you back by posting quality tweets and also communicating on your page how they will benefit from following you.  However you don’t just follow anyone at random, you first must identify the Twitter accounts your target market would be following. This could be your competitors.

Finding People to Follow

If you don’t know who to follow who can find interesting people to follow on sites likeTwitter Marketing Cork

You can also connect with your email account and Twitter will then tell you which of your email contacts is on Twitter. You should also add yourself to directories such as WeFollow and Twellow to increase your followers.

Integrate Your Twitter on Other Marketing Platforms

You should add your Twitter icon to the header of your website and link to your Twitter account.  Adding a follow button to your website and also embedding a Twitter newsfeed to your website. You can show them to maybe the latest news or latest tips section.  Promote your Twitter account on your email account with a Twitter address underneath your email signature and also have your Twitter address information on all printed material.

Getting Retweeted and Increasing Brand Awareness

You should an occasion asked to be retweeted. To ask simply say “please rt”.  You should Twitter Marketing Corkthink as Twitter also like a networking tool, by taking an interest in other people pages and sharing their page and their content and in return they will start to share your information also. Adding hashtags and keywords to your tweets will make them more findable and create awareness of your company. By sharing useful knowledge and expertise in your related field it will position your brand as a brand leader and you will be keeping the brand top of mind.  Not everyone will be at the point of purchase but they may now choose you first or even recommend you.

Share Discount Coupons

Twitter is also a great way to give back to your customers by giving them special discounts. A great tool to use is twtQpon as it allows you to create a Twitter coupon to share with your followers. This is an excellent way to promote a product or a service by providing followers with an incentive to purchase.

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