How to use your Facebook page to promote your business

Facebook introduced a renovated application for business which gives you added look and control for your business site .With the help of new page you can interact personally with fans via enhanced graphics design. The renovated Facebook timeline has organized status update and photo sharing by user’s can be done by month and years with more clear and large displayed photos. Facebook Timeline can actively market your product and helps to reach the targeted customer’s. Facebook Timelines for brand can be easily created with the same format as personal profile creation. In this article I am going to discuss the methods to get popularity for your brand by using Facebook Timeline.

Methods to gain popularity of your brand

Create apps for Timeline: Create apps so that the user can communicate with you easily. If you have added apps in Facebook it will appear as tabs with thumbnail images beneath your cover photo of the page. Business people must create apps for their brand to leverage their customer interaction opportunity. Using Facebook Timeline you can have up to 12 apps on you page.

Create new cover and profile photo: Manage to showcase your brand by uploading a cover photo while creating new design. If possible and your budget permits consult a graphic designer for designing the page. The ideal size of photo used in cover should be 851 by 315pixels.This cover photo appears on the top of your page, when visitors visit your Facebook page it will impress them. This image should be attractive and must promote your brand visually. The profile photo used in profile should be a small image of 180 by 180 pixel size, if you already have a profile then your existing profile image will appear besides your status updates. The image used in profile photo should be clear and you may include company website URL also.

Pinning the posts: At the top of your Timeline you can pin your content to be posted. Once pinned the content will be available for 7days with validity at the top of the Facebook TimeLine. Using this, a businessman can promote his products and latest offers to customers, can provide hints regarding their new product launch, etc… Always be sure to use all the features of Facebook Timeline like pinning major events, key posts and connect it with your personalized Tab site where the visitor can get more information.

Alterations in Layout: The contents of the existing page should be at the middle with 810 pixels wide. The application icon size was changed to 111 by 74 pixels. The main task of a business company was to optimize the information’s as described above the fold such as visible tabs and header photo.

Milestones: It is an area where you can share your company history, stories that create emotional connection between your brand, visitors and customers. Hence the Facebook Timeline is a new feature, always be ready to do several trials to attract customers. In milestone you can have product launch, any events details, development information’s etc… Always remember to include information’s like company start date and any other vital programs of company. Here you can add photos, videos, personalize content of your industry.

Stars: Stars are also called as highlight which helps to highlight important post of your brands which can be prominently displayed. If need to star a post just click the star icon that appears on your page. Milestones cannot be starred.

Messages: Using Timeline features user or a fan can send his private message to brand page. Therefore it provides a good opportunity to connect to potential customers and responds to them directly without delay.

Track friendly activities: If people visit your page they can be able to see their friend’s interaction regarding the company at the top of company page. This helps the company to become an established and trust worthy brand.

Tagging photos: Tagging photos is an effective way to promote your business and makes customers in active role. The tagging pictures can be business related, employees, products, etc. The tagged photos will appear at the series of five thumbnails images at the top of the Facebook business page while logged in. The tagged photos appearance can be customized by clicking the ‘X’ at the upper right so that the particular photo cannot appear at your page.

Promotion: According to Facebook many companies has switched to adapt Facebook Timeline hence it provide more promotional options with visual support, to showcase the brand fame. Try to respond for negative comments: Once you get a negative comment from user or visitor don’t try to avoid them because this will cause a negative impression about your product, so always try to feedback to all type of comments.

Conclusion: By following the advantages along with, above discussed guidelines of Facebook Timeline one can get more good healthy relationship with others. When Facebook Timeline application is used in business with proper manner one can achieve his expected target customers without failure.

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