How to work smarter not harder

Charleville Chamber of Commerce

There are an astonishing number of people that would rather work all the hours God sends than working smarter. If you feel your business is struggling then it is only natural that you would want to personally oversee all of the ongoing activities in your firm.

One key way to working smarter is delegation. Without it, personal relationships and other dreams will be hindered and unfulfilled. Delegate the tasks that are not essential to the long term stability and development of the business but rather the ones that need to be carried out on a day to day basis e.g. If stock needs to be put on shelves, delegate this task but if an insurance policy needs to be chosen then make sure that you oversee this task yourself.

It is often the more menial/day to day tasks that take up the most time so that is why you need to utilise your employees efficiently. Make sure that you invest in training so that you need not worry about their ability to fulfil their duties.

Employees however, is not the only are that needs to be smarter. What about prices, outside suppliers, special offers, new products, plans for expansion etc….the list goes on so much it could make you scream, but don’t.

No matter how good you are at your job or how much you know about the area you work in, there is always going to be something that you are missing out on. Getting an outside view is key to not only the development of your firm but also to how hard you work. Business coaching is a relatively modern phenomenon that has proved extremely effective in a large percentage of cases. That outside view enables you to see not only what you are doing right or wrong, but also what you must start doing. It could be something you would never have thought of that means your time off increases as well as your profits.

Chamber of Commerce, Chareville

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