How you can improve the Charleville economy.

Charleville Chamber of Commerce:

Why there is very little beyond Charleville.

Every Charleville business wants the local people to shop in local stores and avail of local services. Whether you do your shopping in Dick’s Supervalu or Lee’s Centra, your contribution to your local store means that there is more money in the town spent by those who live in the town. This can create a multiplier effect.

This means that if a person living in Charleville but working in Limerick spends an extra €100 in a Charleville business, and the owner of that store spends an extra €100 in another store locally, this will generate a greater economic growth in the town as the original €100 extra has left a Limerick based business and ended up in a Charleville based one. If we could get 100 local people to spend even €50 extra a week in Charleville, this will mean an extra €5000 going into the Charleville economy weekly and over quarter of a million euro annually, even though it may have been earned in other locations. If this money is spent and then re-spent in the local economy then we will retain most of our local earnings as well of availing of expenditure in the town that was earned elsewhere, thus multiplying our original capital.

It must be pointed out however that the businesses in Charleville will play a crucial role if more people shopped locally. They must ensure that they spend the extra money they earn as a result of increased local trade in the town of Charleville as this will retain indigenous earnings, which will be in addition to what is being earned elsewhere and spent in Charleville. There is no point in encouraging individuals who work in Cork or Limerick to wait to come home to Charleville to do their shopping if the businesses they are buying from are going to other cities and towns spending these peoples’ hard-earned cash.

We must also ensure that as Charleville locals we are ensuring we avail of local based services. This does not just mean frequenting Noonan’s sports shop when you want to purchase a new pair of soccer boots or O’ Connell’s Bar when you want to enjoy a pint. It also includes local skilled labourers such as electricians like Bart Whelan and professional services such as accounting and tax businesses like Murray, Cloney and associates.

People who want Charleville to thrive should always do their level best to shop local, whether it is for groceries, choosing an auctioneer, eating out, getting a tax audit or getting their shower repaired. We have nearly all of the services available in Charleville that we could ever need, so why go elsewhere? Why don’t we avail of what we have?

Make sure you support local business in Charleville.

Keep it local, keep it Charleville

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