Improving Your Facebook Posts

Create a Facebook Post Plan

It is essential to create a plan for your Facebook posts to ensure you are meeting the needs of your target audience.

Consider creating a road map for your Facebook posts for example a gym could cover different fitness exercises specific to a different body area to improve i.e. focusing on the stomach or legs or arms etc., healthy recipes, nutrition advice and so on.

Analyse the Type of Content You Post

When posting you can choose to share videos, links, photos and just plain text.

For more engagement on your page and to create brand awareness video posts work best. However if you are trying to drive traffic to your own website then a link works best with a small amount of simple text telling them exactly why they should follow the link or what the link is about.

Using Facebook insights will tell you exactly what type of posts works best for your target audience so utilising this tool will help you make more informed decisions into which type of posts to do.

Customise Your Facebook Posts

According to The Social Media Examiner when you post a link on Facebook, it retrieves the metadata, however this can be edited.

For example, if you need to republish a post you can change the description metadata to fit the post description and suit the current content.  Now that Facebook posts are searchable this is a great opportunity to add your keywords.

Write the Text for Skim Readers

Another great tip I found from The Social Media Examiner is that the first three to four words of the update are crucial to grapping people’s attention. To write a more compelling headline check out CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser.

Test Different Publishing Times

There are numerous research studies done to determine what days and times are best to post, however it really does depend on your target audience. Through using Facebook’s Insight Analyser Tool again, you will be able to see exactly what time and what day your target audience are online.

Watch this quick video for more Facebook tips

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