Inspirational business women Sinead Murphy Nutrition Club Charleville

Sinead Murphy telling us her inspirational story of deciding to set up her nutrition classes in Charleville

My name is Sinead Murphy and I am one of the coaches in your local Nutrition Club in Charleville. We run a network of Nutrition Clubs across Ireland. The goal of our clubs is to get our local communities achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle. Now more than ever there is a need for this.

What makes us different is the personal service we offer our clients. Each individual is entitled to a free body analysis where we look at your body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels to name but a few. We also include a free nutrition consultation with this, where we educate and make improvements in peoples eating habits and lifestyle providing food plans tailored to individual needs.

Our Nutrition club is now opened for healthy breakfast for the local community from Monday to Thursday 8am-12pm. We also offer the following:

Weight Loss Challenge: This is a 12 week weight loss and Nutrition class where participants have a weekly weigh in and are educated about a new topic on a weekly basis (topics include shopping for foods and reading labels, dining out, exercise, fibre etc)

One on one support: We also work one on one with clients who would like to lose weight/improve their health.

Corporate Wellness Days: We found that better staff health and wellbeing can also lead to better achievement of organisational goals and therefore offer companies free nutrition talks and complimentary health and wellness evaluations.

I decided on Charleville as a location to open a Nutrition Club because of the huge sense of community here. I have been running a Weight Loss Challenge here since January and it was clear that people here are very warm and inviting. The class started to get busier and busier so a Nutrition club is just what was needed. We currently have clients coming from Ballyagran, Bruree, Domina, Dromcollogher, Milford, Limerick city to name a few and with the results we are achieving we are getting busier and busier. I’m looking forward to helping more and more people in the locality achieve the results they desire.

Sinead Murphy



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5 Responses to Inspirational business women Sinead Murphy Nutrition Club Charleville

  1. Vera Blackwell says:

    Do you run club only in charleville there anywhere else in county limerick

  2. Vera Blackwell says:

    What venues are there in county Limerick please

  3. Mary O Sullivan says:

    Hi I am interested in your 12week weight loss challange

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