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Charleville Co. Cork is home to numerous shops that cater for many different shopping moransneeds.  I surveyed four different shop owners to find out the background to their company, why did they choose Charleville as a location, what type of people they cater for, what makes their company different and to find out if they made any significant changes to their business. The different retailers that were asked consisted of New Leaf Health Store, Design and Craft Studio, Chic Boutique and J.P Moran’s.  This week I will go into detail into why J.P Moran’s Menswear located in Charleville.

JP Moran’s are a menswear clothing store and this business in particular has been located in Charleville for generations (125 years to be exact). According to Moran’s, they decided to locate their business in Charleville because they were already from the town and they felt Charleville had a high consumer base specifically for menswear.

JP Moran’s feel that Charleville is an excellent location to set up a business in due to the great advantage the town has to offer such as it being located in the hinterland and the excellent educated workforce available in the area.

Did you make any significant changes to your business?

JP Moran’s very recently just renovated their shop in order to concentrate solely on menswear. They did previously have a range of women’s clothing available but found that there was a bigger clientele for solely menswear.

What makes your company different?

JP Moran’s feel what makes their company different and what is so unique about their family-run business is that it is the only dedicated men’s wear clothing store in town. The company has a vast knowledge of the latest trends and the new and upcoming brands.  They own 70 years of combined knowledge of the men’s wear industry that they have passed on from generation to generation. The company also offers a personalised service.

The target market would be men from the age of 16-65, any man out there that wants to look and feel good.

If e-commerce is a big part of their business

At the moment they do not rely on ecommerce, however they will be looking to diverge into this platform in the near future.

Overall they would highly insist on any business to think about setting up here in Charleville. If you are looking for a menswear clothing this Christmas in Charleville for a loved one or even to make yourself look good over the Christmas period, Moran’s Menswear is the place for you.

Feel free to contact them by phone (063) 81327

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