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Love Cherish

Starting Point

Love Cherish Women’s Clothing Boutique was set up in 2012 by Maeve Dennehy. Maeve the company owner saw that there was a gap in the market for women’s wear in Charleville.

Maeve lived in Cork city for a number of years working for a medical company and managing an engineering company and from just coming to Charleville on weekends she found she couldn’t buy a new outfit every day for a night out.

What Makes Them Unique

Love Cherish is not your ordinary women’s clothing boutique in the sense that they supply a huge range of labels, there are currently 17 available. Love Cherish help style their clients and give their clients their honest opinion in advising them if a particular outfit looks good on them.

Love Cherish had a visit from Xposé two weeks ago where they interviewed the shop and Sonya Lennon (fashion stylish) also came. Love Cherish will now be appearing on Xposé next week to present an outfit on a model and there will also be a ten minute talk about the store itself.

Love Cherish finalised in the top 3 Best Occasion wear in the country for “The ‘Xposé Frockadvisor Awards’

Love Cherish were over the moon with being ranked in the top 3 Best Occasion wear in the country. It was something they had never dreamed of achieving and what makes it even more satisfying for them is that they were nominated by the general public.

Who They Cater For

Love Cherish caters for ages ranging from 18-60 with sizes from 8-16 who are fashion forward women with an eye for something different. They supply casual wear as well which allows them to cater to a whole host of different market segments.

What the future holds?

Love Cherish are planning to expand the number of clothing labels they are currently supplying. One of these new labels will be Vila which is very exciting. Vila is a more affordable label allowing them to cater for a broader customer base. This label is concentrating more on the affordable side of the clothing range instore and there will be a lot more casual pieces added to the store.

Another big thing they are planning to do is making their website live to allow customers to buy products online.

Is E-Commerce a big part of the business

Ecommerce is a huge part of their business and 30% of their sales is through online marketing such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Frockadvisor. Frockadvisor is this new app. This allows people who download the app to find retailers who are supplying a particular item of clothing that they are looking for.  For example if someone wanted a pink cardigan, then all that person would have to do is input this information into the app and a number of boutiques will come back if they have that particular product.

What Love Cherish Needs Support In

The only thing Love Cherish would like support in would be promoting Charleville as a shopping destination. An open air fashion show would be a great idea to have in the town, where the local businesses can set up market stalls and sell their products while the fashion retailers can do a fashion show twice throughout the day. Love Cherish would like to see more marketing of the town towards tourist such as tourist brochures and advertising the different places to shop, eat and even advertising the night life towards hens and stag parties.

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