M 20 Motorway Survey Results

1. How would you rate the current road network serving Charleville and the Region?
Poor 71% Average 20% Good 9%

2. Are you in favour are you of the M 20 Cork – Limerick Motorway?

Yes 84% Undecided 8% No 8%

3. What impact would the M 20 Motorway have on your business?

No Impact 37% Undecided 19% Significant Impact 44%

4. Are you happy with 14,000 vehicles a day passing through Charleville?

Definitely Not 82% Absolutely Yes 18%

5. Would the M 20 have a positive or negative effect on Charleville Town?

Negative Effect 18% No Effect 17% Positive Effect 65%

6. Would a Relief Road around Charleville improve traffic management?

Yes 76% No 24%

7. What impact would a Relief Road have on your business?

Negative Impact 24% No Impact 28% Positive Impact 48%

8. In your opinion what effect would a Relief Road have on Charleville Town?

Negative effect 17% No Effect 18% Positive effect 65%

9. Do you think that a safer environment for the public would improve trade for businesses in Charleville Town?

Yes 59% stay the same 8% No 33%

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