MUSICA FUSION ORCHESTRA – Calling out to the local community

The Musica Fusion Orchestra started in October 2015 at the Musica Fusion School of Music in Charleville.  It is a free orchestra open to all music students and musicians in Charleville and the surrounding areas.

To date the Orchestra has almost 40 members, children and adults from the age of 6 upwards.  We have members of the school, their parents, students from other music teachers in the area and adults who have played before and wanted to get back into it in a fun and challenging manner.

Our Orchestra rehearses every Friday evening from 6 to 7 at the Musica Fusion school.  To date we have done 3 concerts, one of which was a fund raiser for Limerick Animal Welfare which raised €625.

Charleville has never had an orchestra before and we intend to build this orchestra from strength to strength and make Charleville a hub for all the up and coming classical musicians in our town!! Our conductor Sophie Butler, has already taken the orchestra to quite a high standard!

Our orchestra consists of the following instruments at the moment; violins, violas, cellos, double bass, trombones, clarinets, flautists and percussionists.

The orchestra is a present funded by Musica Fusion School of Music who pays the conductor and the insurance and provides the rehearsal space.  The school has also provided the following instruments to the orchestra – trombones, flutes, clarinets, double basses and cellos.  In conjunction with Ballyhoura, we also purchased a xylophone for the orchestra.

But, in order to grow, we need the help of some of the local businesses and are hoping to persuade some of you to sponsor an instrument or two! In particular, we have a lot of percussion players in the area who would love to join if we had some orchestral percussion.  Unfortunately, the budget for purchasing instruments has long gone so we need help!

Below is the list of instruments that would be wonderful to have in the orchestra, our wish list if you will! Some of them are very expensive, we know, but the community will benefit greatly from the orchestra over the next few years and sponsorship of an instrument or part of one would be a wonderful gift to the town.  Every time the orchestra plays and represents the area, you would know that you are part of it!


Timpani Drum 26 inch – €1869

Timpani Drum 29 inch – €1999

Orchestral cymbals (pair) – €415

Concert Bass Drum – €979

Full size cello – €400

Euphonium approx. – €300

Pbone Trombones – €150 each

Flutes – €180 each

Clarinets – €180 each

Thank you for reading this and any help would be much appreciated.  Please feel free to come visit the orchestra at the school any Friday or check out  pictures and videos on our website or our facebook page Musica Fusion School of Music.

Yours in music,

Susie Butler

Director Musica Fusion School of Music

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