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Charleville Co. Cork is home to many businesses from professional services to your everyday shopping needs. This week we meet up with Susie Butler from Charleville who started up Musica Fusion School of Music.

About Susie

Susie decided to set up her own music school because she always loved working with music, she always liked working with people and helping them to become the best they could.

Susie, owner of Musica Fusion School of Music, plays as a classical guitarist and was also a lead vocalist and guitarist with the band “Taaboo”. She plays currently the double bass with the University of Limerick orchestra. Susi has taught music since she was only 20 years of age, which gives her a vast degree of knowledge in the music industry.

Company Background

The company was first established itself in Granagh before coming to Charleville. Susie (company owner) saw a big need for music lessons in the Charleville area as there are very few classical music teachers in the area. The school has teachers from Irish world music academy and Cork school of music. All these teachers are wonderful performers and are enthusiastic and innovative in their teaching methods. 

The summer camps that they run will be their 4th time running this year. The business first opened its doors in September the 8th 2015. There will be three summer camps running the year, two music summer camps and one performing arts camp again this year. The performing arts classes are a big feature of the school. This year they are putting on Oliver. 

What makes Musica Fusion School of Music different?

What this music school does differently compared to other schools is that they supply a range of innovative programmes to suit everyone that has an interest in music. Some of these programmes would include: learn with your child programme, instruments are available on a loan basis (people don’t have to buy their own instrument), they provide a wider range of instruments than what is usually available for e.g. double bass, cello, trumpet, trombone and the clarinet to name a few.

They also have their very own orchestra, which every child is involved in. The orchestra is not just for children, they have adult students too that are in the orchestra. The school has rock bands, choir, trad groups, string ensembles and wind and brass ensembles. They have little musicians, toddling musicians and baby musicians – age appropriate music classes for the littlest musicians. No child is on their own when they join up no matter what instrument they choose to learn/play. Musica Fusion presents a great social atmosphere and they bring the students on road trips. The road trips would be bringing the students to see their teachers perform, so they can see for themselves where the learning will take them.

What changes were made to the business over the years?

Musica Fusion made a lot of changes to the business from the day they started, in that they had to renovate the entire building that they are currently in from scratch. The building is now sound proof with a built in stage and sound system.

What does the future hold for Musica Fusion?

The school is now branching out into a new music for school programme in September 2016. This will involve music and performing arts workshops held during school hours.

They will be expanding in to the area of dance very soon with a new Musica Fusion dance studio, featuring ballet, hip hop, Zumba, Irish dancing and musical theatre.

Why did Musica Fusion locate to Charleville?

They based the company in Charleville because they feel it is a great town. Charleville has a close-knit community and everyone in the town is very helpful. Charleville is in the middle of Cork and Limerick which gives people the opportunity to come here instead of having to travel to the bigger cities to learn music. They also felt being located above Tir na nOgs Adventure Centre they can work in tandem with their summer camps.

How can the Chamber help Musica Fusion?

Susie feels that Charleville Chamber could not do much more than they are already doing. The Chamber is doing great work for them in the whole area of helping to promote their business. 

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