Networking BBQ Friday 14th August 2015 Charleville

Networking BBQ CharlevilleA unique opportunity is being presented to local business people from Charleville and area to network with like-minded people from the town and surrounding area at a BBQ being organised for the Charleville Park Hotel on Friday the 14th August starting at 6pm.

This is the first time that local business people have the chance to meet to discuss the current state of the local economy and exchange ideas, make new contacts and suggest new measures to develop and grow their business activities. This will be done away from the stresses of the business place in a convivial atmosphere and business people are requested to bring their contact details with them so that these may be exchanged at the event. The other local networking groups already working in the town are also encouraged to come along to the event to share their knowledge and ideas.

Networking events have proved very successful in other towns and are regularly held by the business community. Networking can be very useful for enterprises at any stage of development to boost their business opportunities, and if the event being organised for mid-August in Charleville is successful, then it may become a regular feature of the business life of the town.  Admission to the barbecue is €10 to cover the cost

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