Noonans Bros. Sports and Toy Shop

Business Profile – Noonans Bros. Sports and Toy Shop

Name: Noonans Bros. Sports and Toy Shop
Address: Main St, Charleville.
Phone: 063 81303

Noonan’s Bros. have been operating in Charleville for many years and have been the leading suppliers to the people of Charleville of sports and toy products. We only stock the best sports and toy products, most of which are manufactured by reputable international brands. Many come into our shop because they want to buy someone a present. This shop is perfect for buying for people of all ages, toys for children and sports products for adults.

Noonan’s Bros. is an excellent outlet and we have nearly anything that you could think of in the range of toys, jerseys and other sporting accessories. Indeed, our wide range of products at very competitive prices has proven to be extremely popular with people in Charleville and the surrounding areas. John and James Noonan are both from the local area and also operate a sweet shop on the main street of Charleville. This shop also sells cards, confectionary goods and many other items. It is a family-run business that has was previously owned and run by John and James’ parents.

Call in today and see what’s on offer in both of our stores. You will not be disappointed.

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