Opportunities in Charleville

Charleville being in the heart of Munster is strategically located, along the main motorway linking Cork and Limerick. Charleville has a higher consumer base ideal for people considering coming home from oversees that may be thinking of starting up their own business, bringing an established business  with them or just looking for employment in many of the already established businesses already located here. Prosperous multinationals such as Kerry Group have facilities located here and employ many in the locality. Kerry Group is not the only prosperous business located in Charleville, there are other indigenous companies such as Response Engineering, BCD Engineering, Diesenvale, CID, Whelan Electrical, Tarsier Ltd., Dawn Meats, Charleville Park Hotel and St.Joseph’s Foundation, with hundreds are successfully employed in the Charleville area. Employment opportunities are high in Charleville due to the number of companies currently located here as previously but there is also a whole host of main street retailers located here that have not been mentioned.

By their inward investment in this town it is a clear endorsement of the status of Charleville to suit not only your personal needs but also any business needs you may have. Indeed if you are considering establishing a company here in Charleville, the location offers state of the art business parks and a recognised hotel chain that would suit your corporate requirements. Of course Ireland’s low corporation tax of 12.5% also adds value to locating your business in Charleville.

The strategic location of the town makes it perfect for not only in regards to your personal life such as going on leisure getaways but also for conducting both national and international business, with driving distance to Shannon, Cork and Farranfore airports, which is the perfect gateway to Europe and conducting international business. The road network is ideal being situated on the N20 national primary roadway between the urban area of Cork and Limerick. The sea ports of Cork, Limerick and Foynes are also all within one hour’s drive from town. The rail network is also of a high standard with the local train station providing a regular fast service to Dublin and Cork on a regular basis, which means you have access to other shopping districts or sightseeing activities.

Charleville’s broadband speeds have recently been updated to ensure you have a reliable service that will enable anyone that relies on conducting either there business or own personal life through online means to do so effortlessly. Staying in contact with family members abroad, friends and so forth can be easily achieved by living in the Charleville area.

There is a strong engineering base in Charleville with numerous engineering companies already located here and Charleville already has the necessary infra-structure already in place. There would be a significant advantage for another engineering company to set up in Charleville with the highly educated workforce available or even an engineering graduate to be employed by one of the already established engineering businesses here.

Charleville is on a nonstop role in delivering you the very best when it comes to meeting both your personal life and business needs. Charleville is home to numerous restaurants and places to have a bite to eat. There is even an abundance of things to do in relation to leisure activities such as golfing, swimming, gym, and hotel spa days. Charleville has a vibrant culture of social aspects for everyone to enjoy with numerous festivals and events where you can experience Charleville’s prestigious heritage, also having two theatre facilities and is the home to the North Cork Drama Festival.

Charleville has it all from satisfying your business needs, food, leisure and fun. It’s all here, come and experience the whole host of economic benefits that you won’t experience anywhere else.

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