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rainbows sCharleville Co. Cork is home to many businesses from professional services to your everyday shopping needs. This week we meet up with Kathryn from Charleville who started up Rainbows Hair Salon.

Company Background

Kathryn decided to set up her own hair salon because she always loved hair and fashion since she was a child. She did four years of intense training to be where she is today.

The salon opened in 2003 which means it will be open 13 years this March. The company’s core values are for everyone to leave the salon feeling beautiful and feeling good about themselves. They pride themselves on the excellent customer service they provide and their keen eye for detail on delivering the latest trends to their clientele.

What makes Rainbows Salon Charleville different?

What this salon does differently compared to other hairdressers is that all their staff have gone on intensive training programmes to ensure they are highly qualified to meet the needs of a variety of customer. They are a 5 star salon, who offer a wide variety of services and they pride themselves on using the best products. The salon is very modern, up-to-date and fashion forward. They feel it doesn’t matter where they are located in the sense that they will always have a good customer base. Over the years they have made a name for themselves for its excellent hairdressing and personalised service to each of their clients. Everyone is looked after according to their own personal preferences. They are listed in high quality magazines such as Image magazine which shows why their salon has been awarded 5 stars.

What changes were made to the business over the years?

Rainbows Hair Salon made a lot of changes to the business from the day they started, in that they were previously renting on Main Street Charleville but now they own their own premises at the back of SuperValu car park (unit 1 Park Mews). This allowed them to create their own unique design.

They have recently introduced Nioxin Hair products which are ideal for clients that are experiencing hair loss. Nioxin hair products can give you fuller, thicker hair in just 30 days.  They have also expanded in providing Great Lengths hair extensions and they even have expanded their team to provide in-house makeup facilities.

Why did Rainbows Hair Salon locate in Charleville?

They based the company in Charleville because they feel it is a great town. Charleville has a great community and everyone in the town is very helpful. Charleville is in the middle of Cork and Limerick which gives them the opportunity to serve clients from both Cork and Limerick. It’s a very busy town with high human traffic.  They love being located behind SuperValu because it is close to the local secondary school and they have increased their business as a result since they took the step to move the business.

Is there any gap in support they would like help in for the business?

They feel that there should be some sort of legislation and regulation put in place to stop the black-market in the hairdressing industry. The established regulated hairdressing Salons have to cope with all the extra costs of looking after their premises and upskilling staff to ensure the highest standards of services at all times, while competing with the unqualified and unregulated hairdressers.


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