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Charleville says chese

It has come to our attention that Charleen, the metal cow that you see when you drive into Charleville on the Limerick side as one enters town is going to be removed from its current home.   Charleen, has become a part of the town and we have come to love her over the years. She has been with us only since 2010, however she has made a great impact on people’s lives. Young children have been inspired from just glancing at her and dreaming of all the great things they could be when they grow up such as working in the engineering sector.

Charleen has not only inspired people living in the town but tourists driving through the town take pictures of Charleen so they can dream about Charleville long after they leave the town. Charleen is now interwoven into the fabric of Charleville.

On a serious note Charleen was created by local volunteers using donated materials like corrugated tin. This monument represents the excellent engineering sector we have here in Charleville. She is currently located amongst the rolling hills of grass at the entrance of Charleville but now it needs to be relocated.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where they think our beloved cow should be?

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