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design and craft studio CharlevilleCharleville Co. Cork is home to numerous shops that cater for many different shopping needs.  I surveyed four different shop owners to find out the background to their company, why did they choose Charleville as a location, what type of people they cater for, what makes their company different and to find out if they made any significant changes to their business. The different retailers that were asked consisted of New Leaf Health Store, Design and Craft Studio, Chic Boutique and J.P Moran’s.  This week I will go into detail into why Design and Craft Studio located in Charleville.

According to Design and Craft Studio, they decided to locate their business in Charleville because she lived in close proximity of the town and did some primary research where people would be telling her to open up a craft/gift store. She always was very passionate from being an artist and crafter herself, so she did a business course and took the plunge to open up her own store.

The company would strongly recommend Charleville as a place to set up a business in as she felt being halfway between Shannon and Cork was a great advantage the town had with all the passing traffic. She felt another great advantage the town offered was the historic look the town had, with the steps up to the pavement and the church.

Did you make any significant changes to your business?

Having only recently after setting up business in Charleville, they haven’t made any significant changes to date, however they are continuously building up their product range so she can offer customers a nice selection of products.

What makes Design & Craft Studio different?

What makes Design & Craft Studio different is the nature of what they sell. Everything sold in store is unique, Irish and handmade. They are supporting local crafters by providing them a platform to sell their work. Crafts such as paintings can be specifically made to order, so if there is a particular painting that you would like, then Design & Craft Studio would be able to arrange this for you.

Design and Craft’s target market would range from all walks of life, anyone looking for a unique gift for their loved one, family/friend or just something for themselves.

Is e-commerce is a big part of their business?

E-commerce at present is not a big part of their business.

Overall they would highly insist on any business to think about setting up here in Charleville. If you are looking for a unique gift for either yourself or for a love one, or even something specially made, Design & Craft Studio is the place for you. Everything is handmade by Irish crafters, which means you know you are buying something unique but also supporting the local economy, feel free to contact them by phone 087 768 3099.

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