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New Leaf Health Food StoreCharleville Co. Cork is home to numerous shops that cater for many different shopping needs.  I surveyed four different shop owners to find out the background to their company, why did they choose Charleville as a location, what type of people they cater for, what makes their company different and to find out if they made any significant changes to their business. The different retailers that were asked consisted of New Leaf Health Store, Design and Craft Studio, Chic Boutique and J.P Moran’s.  This week I will go into detail into why New Leaf Health Store located in Charleville.

According to New Leaf Health Store, they decided to locate their business in Charleville because they already has an established business in Kanturk and found that a lot of their consumer base were travelling from Charleville to buy their health food and wellness needs. They felt that the seed was already planted in their minds to open another business in Charleville, when numerous customers kept insisting that they should open another business in Charleville.

The company would strongly recommend any other established or aspiring company to move to Charleville. The company was highly passionate about referring to Charleville as a great location to have a business in; they found that there was great passing trade in the area and that recently a woman from Galway popped in as she had seen the health food sign. The company also felt that Charleville had great community spirt and found the people to be extremely friendly in the area.

Did you make any significant changes to your business?

When the company owner first took over this particular premises in Charleville, it was an initially an old house, so there was a lot of renovations work needed to get it where it is today.

What makes New Leaf Heath store different?

This company in particular found that what made them so different compared to other stores was that it is the only dedicated health & wellness store in Charleville. They have practitioners available for counselling, nutritionist sessions and also practitioners available for people big into their sports. They also provide allergy testing and meal plans.

The target market for New Leaf Health Store would be ranging from new born babies to elderly people, or anyone that is interested in keeping healthy and fit.

Is e-commerce is a big part of their business?

E-commerce would not be considered a big part of their business at present; it would consist of 5% of their sales and would be primarily on the specialised products they sell. The people that would buy online are people based in the Roscommon, Antrim and the U.K

Overall they would highly insist on any business to think about setting up here in Charleville. If you are looking for healthy food without additives or genetic modification or even have a special dietary requirement, New Leaf Health Food Store can cater to your health needs. New Leaf supply a range of vitamins,  herbal remedies and weight management products as well as offering nutrition events throughout the year and much more, feel free to contact them by phone 063 30015

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