Some simple tips on how to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the professional networking site which helps to connect with colleagues, partners, suppliers, etc. LinkedIn was found by Reid Hoffman and team members from Paypal and in December 2002 and launched in May 2003.According to latest report it has 150 plus million registered users from 200 countries. The main advantage and difference from other social networking site was LinkedIn provide facilities for registered users to manage contact details of people. Using LinkedIn, an employer can list out their potential candidates according to their requirements. It helps the employees to choose their job offers from the list. To make the site more reachable LinkedIn has introduced its mobile version site in February 2008. In this article I am going to discuss the methods to get more contacts on LinkedIn.

Methods to get more Professional Contacts in LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the powerful tools to connect people with job offers, order for new products, recruitment, professional contact etc. Once signed in the LinkedIn, you can search people who already use LinkedIn. Today, many professionals uses LinkedIn to connect with their group .If you use LinkedIn for business purpose in the right manner then you will definitely get more development.

Company profile creation: Create a LinkedIn profile for your company with information about your employees and your company’s description. Always create a link for your webpage with email address for communication. As a general trick to promote your profile, you can add a link for your LinkedIn profile at the signature of your Email. Using LinkedIn, one can have more connections via network expansion like friends, business partners, etc.

Photo uploading: In the profile, add a picture which can promote your appearance. The photo used should be with clear focus. This photo eases the visitors to rank you.

Profile optimization: LinkedIn profile should have keywords which optimize the search engine. Always update your profile without failure with current information. The profile info should have your personal style, voice, previous job etc.

Profile Headline: In LinkedIn the main attractive part is Headline, so while creating headline use attractive words which can be memorable easily and capture people’s attention. Always provide information’s regarding your goal, what you are doing currently etc.

Get valuable recommendations: LinkedIn’s shows people you have made contact with previously, current business clients, people you may know, etc. In this recommendation area you will get more comments about your work. The recommendation can be from clients, co-workers, etc. To get more recommendations from client be polite, thank them and please them so that they can provide good comments for your previous project.

Expanding your reach using groups: In LinkedIn, groups are considered as double-edged swords because joining groups is important. However, after joining a few courses, time will be difficult to manage. Using groups you can track the fellow professionals mind and their thinking. Groups provide a source to expand your network.

Build strong network connection: Hence you have invested lot of time in building up the professional trust with your co-worker of current, past. While inviting co-workers remember to invite co-workers who have more professional links with you.

Vanity URL: Businesspeople use LinkedIn with vanity URL which is specific for their business. This helps to keep your visibility high which helps to get more contacts. LinkedIn prohibits having more than three URL’s in your profile

Add blog feed: Using LinkedIn, you can integrate WordPress into your page. This allows others to get more ideas about your blogging habit.

Best Summary: The summary should have proper information with truth because this summary can provide you with more contacts. If you are poor in writing a summary then ask for assistance from friends or professionals.

Do research on your LinkedIn followers. Take full advantage while using LinkedIn by clicking through the profiles of your followers, have conversations with them, etc.

Posting news can reach more people than those participating in a discussion. The only thing you should keep in mind is to cover people by posting interesting news.

Link Twitter with LinkedIn: To get more contacts you can integrate the Twitter account with LinkedIn so that people in Twitter can contact you easily.

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