St. Patricks Day Marketing Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day does not offer you the same sales benefit in relation to gift buying likeSt. Patrick's Day  Charleville valentines or Christmas day but you can still do themed promotions, in store decorations and marketing that can help. All you need is a little creativity to use this day to bring new people into your business.

You should use St. Patrick Day imagery on all your promotional material such as coupons, mailers and displays to create a themed window display or even any special St. Patricks Day themed event. You should also consider changing your logo, social media images and any other online imagery to reflect this holiday, such as using Shamrocks and the colour green.

Cookies Remember as I wrote in my last blog it’s all about the customer, so sharing useful content for this occasion would be St. Patricks day recipes such a St. Patricks day cake or cookie
recipes or even sharing information about your own St .Patricks day traditions to make it more personal.

Sharing gift ideas that wold suit the St. Patricks Day theme would also be a useful idea for e.g. if you were a clothing retailer you could share green clothing outfits that would suit with the theme would be a good way to increases sales in that particular line of clothing and also bring more people into the store. Making your own St. Patricks day cards could also be used to be given out with purchases made in store that day and the days leading up to it. If you want to go even further with the St. Patricks Day theme you could consider making green beer, green cookies or even green milkshakes.

Another icon associated with St. Patrick’s day is the four leaf clover which is considered lucky by some cultures and using the theme lucky in your social media marketing of why you feel lucky would be a good idea for e.g. sharing things like how lucky you are to have such lovely customers and you feel greatly for having them. Patrick's Day Cookies

Happy hours are also another useful idea you can use in your St. Patricks day promotions for e.g. a restaurants could offer a buy on get one free offer on all appetizers or even main meals, this would encourage more people to come in and try your service. A clothing retailer, boutique or hotel could also do something like this by offering customers a 30% discount on their next purchase.

Using the another symbol that represents St. Patricks day such as Leprechauns is also a good idea as we all know that Leprechauns if you catch one offer you three wishes and you might also get a pot of gold. For your business to take advantage of this icon you could maybe place a pot of gold (chocolate coins) at the point of purchase as a thank you treat for your customers.

Another good idea to take advantage of this recognized icon is to do something like an


Easter egg hunt, where you could create your very own Leprechaun hunt for current and Leprechaun Charleville potential customers. Informing people of the event through both online and offline material and leaving clue around different places or shops in Charleville. You could also leave a trial of clues to follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even your blog. To create excitement use engaging posts or feature an impressive prize for the first people to complete the game and also smaller prizes for the runners up.

The last thing you need to remember is that you should market whatever promotions you choose to do and often to ensure it is a success

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