The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

When we think of online marketing we can no longer just think about people assessing websites through a PC. We need to think about multiple devices and how our sites appear on these sites.

Increase of People Using Mobile to Access Social Media

There is an increase of people accessing social media apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Chamber of Commerce Twitter and Tumblr through mobile devices. People are spending more time on these sites than they are using a desktop. According to the Social Media Examiner, Pinterest users are 92%, Twitter users are 86%, Facebook is 68%, and Tumblr is 46% mobile. According to these numbers, it is important companies recognise this when creating social media message so that it caters for the mobile users.

New Ways to Interact With The Customer

Chamber of Commerce Social MediaThere is also new evidence coming in everyday suggesting that consumers are moving to mobile. According to Gartner by 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 260 billion times, making apps the most popular computing tools. To put this in context by 2017, every women, man and child will have downloaded 37 mobile apps. This means by 2017, mobile apps will be gone completely mainstream, giving companies a new way to interact and connect with their current and potential customers. This will give them a vast global reach to target new customers and allowing them to enter new markets that once might not have seen possible.

More Personalised Approach

Gartner also predicts that mobile users will provide personalised data streams to more than 100 apps and services every day. This will lead to more personalised information of customers to clearly target them on a personal basis. In this way mobile apps will drive the future of marketing. Research shows that in 2013 U.S consumers spent an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphone and tablets. 80% was spent on apps, whereas the other 20% was spent on the mobile web.

LinkedIn is responding to this change by having released a new mobile app SlideShare’s iOS app. LinkedIn now have seven standalone mobile apps and the company expects in the near future that more than half of their traffic comes from mobile.

 Companies Using Mobile Apps as a Differentiation Mechanism

Companies are using these trends to their advantage by creating mobile apps to enhance or simplify customers experience with the brand for e.g. Permanent TSB have a mobile app where you can do your banking online, check your account balance and transfer money to different accounts. It’s about being one step before the competitors, by creating a more personal relationship and making thing easier for the customer. Social media marketing and mobile marketing go hand in hand as consumers now expect companies to provide relevant online content and resources that inform and entertain us, or resolve a need or a want.


Watch this quick video on why the future of social media marketing is mobile

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