The importance of display stands and store layout

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Grocery stores, car dealerships, high-end clothes stores and similar business outlets make full use of the wide-ranging store displays. Convenience stores rely on the attractive product displays to catch the attention of shoppers and encourage impulse purchases. Retailers need to consider timeliness, customization options and placement when it concerns the store displays. If a store likes to make regular changes to the store layout, the lightweight cardboard displays are certain to offer a preferable option.


Store displays vary in regards to material, business and shape. Retailers prefer the more resilient plastic display stands or racks for the long-term shelving needs, while the more versatile and cost-effective cardboard display is favoured for the temporary or seasonal sales. A very sturdy cardboard stand is also appreciated for its ability to appear warmer than plastic or steel. Also consumers find this soft material less dangerous and more approachable than steel or glass displays.

The style or shape of the store display often varies to complement the specific type of product or promotional event offered by the business. They can vary from the standard free-standing store displays to the much more appealing designs like a cutout of a retailer’s crest, mascot or similar which holds the promotional merchandise.


A preferred size for the store display is highly dependent on its placement and size of advertised product. A common type of display for a retailer to opt for is those intended to fit end-of-aisle. Other business owners use small-sized hanging displays, which are very easy to notice in store. A clothing store makes great use of multiple mannequins to highlight the latest spring or fall collections.


Large retailers have the benefit of being in a position to work with the plastic and cardboard stand supplies to create customized designs in different shapes and styles. They can be custom-made to incorporate a companies branding or logo. Alternatively, stands are often designed to appear much like a larger version of the product on display. A colorful and attractive display helps to catch the attention of the shopper. Professional display solutions are certain to help increase business and the success of promoting the many products in store.

All in all, by placing the attractive displays in the areas of the store that experience the highest foot traffic, it should be possible to draw in the customers to look more closely at the slow-moving or promotional offers. A well-positioned display stand or rack is highly effective at encouraging the last-minute purchases.

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