The Power of Word-of-Mouth

The reason I decided to write something on word of mouth marketing is because from word of mouth talking to numerous business people around Charleville they felt a lot of their revenue was generated was from other people talking good about their business. Word of mouth is getting two people to start to talk good about your business and then tell their friends and so on until hundreds of people are talking good about your product offering.

Word of mouth marketing has also been identified as the most valuable form of marketing as it is the one that consumers trust most above all others and the one that is most likely to drive sale to your company. If you want to get ahead of your competition this year you need to unleash the power of word of mouth. Some figures if you still don’t believe in the power of word of mouth according to Forbes it was found that 92% of consumers believe recommendation coming from friends or family

The reason all marketers have not mastered the process of inducing word of mouth is because until now, marketing executives were focused on collecting contact rather than connecting for instance marketers were busy building up their fan base on social media rather than making real connections and connecting with them.

Creating word of mouth starts with your brand story. It’s the story you give your customersword-of-mouth-marketing to tell for you, about your, from their experience with you. You need to create new versions with each customer and the experience they have with you. It’s a two way effort, they bring their story (their needs, desires, expectations, problems) and you bring your company brings your story (employees, commitment, resources, solutions, purpose). Your two storeys combine depending each time you meet.  Phone, email, ad, press release, billing error, lost order, sponsorship, testimonials. Where your two stories meet is where word-of-mouth is created.

Creating positive word of mouth by doing a survey to find out why customers choose you,  what they find to be the best thing your company does to meet their needs and also find out what you’re doing wrong. Then focus on more of what makes them tell their friends about your company and stop doing what makes them unhappy. You need to give people a reason to talk about you by excelling on what they like such as great service, amazing products, unbelievable fact or even funny stories.

Ask customers to share their opinion and show them that their opinion matters to you. Help them share their opinion through social media platforms or between their circles. According to Forbes Lays (also known as Walkers, here in Ireland) crisps is an excellent example of how they empower their fans to share their opinion through the “Do Us a Do us a Flavour Campaign Flavour” campaign and allow customer to create a new flavour of crisps to hit store shelves. Over 3.8 million submissions were sent in 2013 making it one of the biggest marketing campaigns for PepsiCo.

Social media is a way to spread word of mouth for your company as well by spreading the word socially. Technology is one of the ways to get your story out there to millions of people and has made it easier for your consumers to do your marketing for you.  A post that only takes a few minutes for a fan to write will be seen by hundred of friends who trust them and it can quickly travel to many more. However taught out, planned messages are key.  Consider the fact also that those who read the post could potentially have millions of offline conversations with friends/family/acquaintances.

According to Forbes – Fuelling conversations and driving passion will make a huge difference for your brand.

Integrating your traditional offline word-of-mouth methods with online word-of-mouth methods leads to more revenue in the long run.

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