Three Facebook Tools That Can Save You Time

We are now spending even more time on Facebook prompting our goods/services than we ever were and here is a list that you might find useful that can save you time, while prompting your offerings on Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager App

Earlier this year Facebook launched a stand-alone ads manager app, with some very usefulFacebook Mobile Ap tools for promoters. Now you can create ads from the app, edit ads and track performance.


LikeAlyzer (mentioned on Entrepreneur) is a tool that analyses your Facebook pages and generates reports highlighting areas for improvement. The page rank section even shows you how you compare to other brands.

Facebook Ad Exclusive Targeting

There are a whole host of targeting options now available in Facebook but now Facebook have introduced one where you can exclude to target a certain segment. This feature is very good, when you’re trying to get your ad to appear in front of the right audience.

To use this tool, when doing an advert, first you need to click on custom audience above the targeting section. Once this is done a page will appear where you must input the details of your customers (your customer database e.g. emails etc.) you can also export these details from your Mail Chimp account or copy and paste the details.

This tool can help you avoid targeting the same people twice for example you can exclude your existing customers from seeing the advert that was designed to generate new leads.

According to The Social Media Examiner, Facebook promises that this tool can help lower your cost per click, reduce money spent on wasted clicks and reach people that are more likely to convert (buy).

These three tools are very easy to use and can help you save time in creating ads, see where you need improvement and precision targeting.

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