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Judging for Period 3 of the Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge finished on June 15th but we do not expect to get results till early in September when Cork County Council present their awards for the 2016 competition.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to achieve the good marks in the first two judging periods.


Sincere thanks to the ladies of Charleville Flower Club who have completed the planting of the four flower beds in the Garden of Remembrance which is now looking quite resplendent. We appreciate the giving of your time and expertise for the benefit of the whole community.


We can expect the judges for the Tidy Towns competition at any time. Work will continue every week during the summer.  Tus workers have given the area behind the library great care and attention and it is now a beautiful feature as people walking through to Main St will have noticed. They have also done great work on the approach road from Cork which looks very neat and tidy. We have noticed and are very appreciative of the businesses which are cleaning, power washing, painting their premises and the many who have put up colourful floral displays.

Thank you also to the many residents who are working hard to keep their estates and residential areas litter free.  Volunteers have planted tubs on Main St and hanging baskets have been put up.  We continue to appeal to the general public to help us maintain the high standard of tidiness which has been achieved. Please, please do not discard your litter on the street, please use the bins provided.


The next clean up takes place on Monday, 20th June. Meet at The Farm Gate at 7 pm. Please bring brushes, shovels etc.  All volunteers welcome.


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