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Anti Litter Challenge League Table 2016 Period 2-page-001GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS

Anti-litter Challenge

We are delighted to report the good news that we increased our mark for Period 2 of the anti-litter challenge. Our mark rose from 946 to 952.9, our highest mark ever in this competition. Unfortunately there is bad news also.  We were in 3rd place overall after Period 1 but after Period 2, despite achieving a higher mark, we are now in 5th position overall. This is because some other towns raised their standard between Period 1 and Period 2 more than we did.  Judging for Period 3, the final period in this competition commenced on Tuesday, 7th June and continues to June 15th.

Please continue to be vigilant, dispose of all litter in bins provided in the town and ensure your premises and surroundings are litter free at all times.  We again appeal to all traders, especially owners/managers of licenced premises, betting shops and fast food outlets to check the street outside their premises each morning and to collect any litter which may be there.

Tidy Towns Competition

Judging in this competition officially commenced on June 1st and adjudication of Charleville took place last year on June 12th.  Containers on Main Street have been planted and we are grateful to those traders who are displaying colourful containers of flowers at their premises.  Tus workers have done a wonderful job painting the seats at the Plaza, outside the Courthouse and at the Church.

The town looks really well at the moment and we hope all residents will play their part in keeping it that way.

Clean Up

Our next clean up takes place on Monday, 13th June .  Meet at the Church at 7pm. Please bring shovels, brushes etc.


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