Top 10 Tips For Using Twitter To Market Your Business

Twitter has grown at an increasing rate; it has become a key tool for Irish businesses as it allows them to get up close and personal with their current and potential customers. However with so much noise on Twitter it is easy to get lost or forget about what you’re trying to achieve. Here are 10 Twitter tips to market your business successfully.

Know your objective  Goals 2014   

Before setting up a Twitter account, you need to have a clear objective in mind of what you’re going to be posting and what you are trying to achieve. According to Writing my Destiny this sounds easy enough but without clear goals and objectives you will always be wondering what to Tweet about next.

Build your profile

Your profile defines your brand and what your company is all about. Update your profile picture as it is next to every tweet you send out and according to The Social Media Examiner it is an opportunity to associate an image with your company in the minds of people that are following you. The background image should also reflect your company’s products and services. Also make sure to fill in all the information as according to The Marketing Donut you only have about three seconds when people check you out so make you do it well.

Who to follow

It is important for your buisness that you will need to go after people to follow at the start to get your companies name out there. It’s all about following people relevant to your business sector such as your existing customers and the customers of your competitors. Also you should follow the most influential people in your sector and engage with them to create brand awareness.

Organise whom you follow into lists

Once you’ve grown your followers, so does the noise and according to The Social Media Examiner it becomes even harder to see the important messages. So what can you do? Well it’s very simply by grouping different groups of important people and putting them into lists.

Content is Kingcontent-is-king

You need to post information that people will find interesting and engaging. According to Writing my Destiny you first need to take a look at your competitors that have the most success rate and see what they’re doing. You need to curate good content by sharing links to other articles/videos that your target audience find interesting.

Use Twitter to solve your business problems

If you know there’s certain days that your business is quiet you could offer a Twitter only special for that day/night. E.g. if you’re a restaurant and you know every Wednesday night it is like a ghost town you could offer something like buy one get one free.

Advertise your Twitter profile

To create brand awareness for you Twitter profile and your company, you should add your Twitter profile name on all printed material. You also would need to add it to your other online marketing activities and ask others to follow you.

Be polite

Thank new followers and anyone that ‘retweets’ the page or your posts

Track Everything 

You need to track your Twitter profile to ensure that it’s actually making a benefit for your business. You can do this using a third party app such as to see how many people are unfollowing you or you can use the Twitter search bar to see what people are saying about your brand.  

Be Consistent in your Tweets

Try to retweet at least once a day so people don’t think your page is inactive.

Watch this quick video to find out more helpful tips


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