Top 3 Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneurs By Angela Gowin

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When it comes to starting a business or building an empire, you need to implement a marketing strategy to avoid the undeniable overwhelm. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve had my share of juggling my own marketing campaigns with daily long to do lists. If you’re just getting started, you don’t usually have a lot of money to invest in spendy advertising or hiring a publicist. The next best thing for the new entrepreneur is to decide on your marketing style.

The easiest way to begin marketing your talents, is to just get started. Here are my top 3 Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their brand with good marketing.

1) Define your marketing style. I don’t see this being talked about much on other websites, but I think it’s one of the most important parts of your business. Your marketing style is unique to YOU, no one else. No one can tell you how to market your products and services, but they can help you uncover it. A marketing style will set you apart because it’s done in an authentic way. Get to know the real you deep down inside and then use that spiritual part of you to tap into your marketing style. This will surely have you standing out in all your marketing efforts.

2) Make people feel special. Whatever you do, whether you are writing an article, a blog post, a newsletter, or sending out a mass email to your following, always write as if you are talking to one person. That one person is your avatar, or target market profile. Everyone wants to feel special; kinda like a girl on her first date with a man she admires. Make your audience feel special and in return they will help you feel special too. You’ll know your marketing efforts are working, when you are getting a lot of warm and fuzzy emails and messages from people thanking you for all that you do. Now, that’s good marketing!

3) Own your spotlight. Don’t be afraid to email your list regularly or showcase your beliefs in your marketing efforts. People don’t like vanilla or people who play it safe. It’s only natural to admire those who are owning who they are with zest and charisma. Share your strong opinion about what you don’t like or how you enjoy eating cheese puffs while watching The Bachelor. The more you are comfortable being yourself and letting your true self shine through, it’s only a matter of time before your tribe discovers you and follows you all the way to the bank.

In closing, marketing isn’t cookie cutter. There are always a zillion ways to do things and what works for one marketer may not work for you. Stay true to yourself and your marketing efforts will be fun and truly unique. And the best part– is you get to be creative and shine your best self to world.

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