Using Instagram For Business

Why Instagram

Instagram has become a critical important social network marketing tool for business.
It is an effective brand building tools available today and is important for nearly every kind of business. Without it many companies risk being forgotten about, especially amongst the next generation of customers.

According to Hootsuit it is actually considered the most important social network by teenagers. Forrester has called it the “king of social engagement” stating that top brands posts on Instagram generated an engagement rate of 4.21%. This means Instagram gives brands 58 times more engagement rate than Facebook and this is significantly higher again for Twitter.


The first step when you open your account is to do some research to see what other brands are posting on Instagram and what are your direct and indirect competitors doing. Then build a strategy which would fit in with your overall social media marketing strategy and develop your goals. Goals can be areas such as increasing your website traffic, increasing sales or increasing brand awareness and so on.


Once your goals are set now you need to think about what you are going to post and how often. I think from my own experience of being a customer on Instagram, it is a good idea to post 2 times a day and usually in the evening works best. However this depends on your target audience and what day of the week it is. For example if it is a workday, evening time may work best but if it is the weekend, day time posts may work better. Again this depends on who you are target audience.


Instagram is all about visual, so you need to build on your brand identity. There are so many filters available through the app so you instead of choosing a different one for each post stick to one or two so your brand can be easily recognisable.

If you are not a clothing company like Moran’s Menswear in Charleville or a food company like Brudairs in Charleville, it may be hard to think about what you are going to post. Design companies such as Da Vinci Creative in Charleville or Horizon Designs Charleville have a good bit of scope also to work from but if you are accountants like Murray, Clooney Associates, you could be thinking what to post. A good idea would be staff members, happy clients, the office, filling systems etc. You could also look at what your followers post about and post things they are interested in.

When posting images use any branded hashtags and don’t forget to use your psychical store location.

Gaining Followers

To get people to follow you, you should connect it to your Facebook account, follow others and like their photos and use popular hashtags.

Post the images to your Facebook page then as well with the hashtag to help people who don’t know you’re on Instagram to find you.


The image that you use should be your company’s logo.

Your username should be the name of your company and your bio is restricted to 150 characters so make it snappy. You can also add your websites URL and any branded hashtags for e.g. #CharlevilleIRL.

Company Videos

Instagram allows you to take 15 second videos through the app and it has great editing and filter features available. Try using this to create more brand awareness of your company and you can even save the videos and embed them onto your website.


You can even run competitions on Instagram. This will not only increase your follower base but will reward people for following you. Other rewards could be discount codes.


You need to track the performance of your Instagram posts. This will allow you to see what works best and if there is a certain day of the week that more people are engaged with your posts. Checking if posts are working should be done weekly to ensure you know what is working and what isn’t so you can actively keep promoting what works.

According to Hootsuit iconosquare is a great option to track performance. It allows you to track: all engagement on your posts, the best time to post, your top follower etc.

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